Parents are couples too!

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Bear with me a little, this could get a tiny bit ranty.

Last week I was offered the chance to review a gourmet foodie break at a luxury hotel in Yorkshire. YES I thought to myself, this is exactly what I need right now.

The past twelve months have been long and torturous. We’ve had to tackle a double redundancy situation and it’s fair to say a few extra grey hairs found their way onto my weary head during that time.  We came out the other side of it smiling, as you inevitably do, but it was tough going there for a while. So yes, a luxury break for me and my mister would be very gratefully accepted right now.

Except we were denied. Why?

The owner of the hotel basically said we weren’t suitable to review the hotel because we’re a family and they’re more geared towards couples.

Wait, WHAT?

The last time I checked Mr M and I had two children, our own little family, yet we are STILL a couple.

We still do couple-y things. We go out for nice dinners, hold hands, take breaks together when we can. We have date nights and snuggle on the sofa.

Because ultimately, we’re a couple.

We’re were a couple before we had a family (though I’d argue we were still a family then, you do not need children to be a ‘family’) and we’ll be a couple (god willing) long after they have left home.

I couldn’t help but feel a little affronted by this rebuke. I mean yes, I realise we’re not entitled to anything, it’s nice to be asked and all that, however I couldn’t shake off the feeling that it was being insinuated that we are less worthy of reviewing their establishment because we have children? Good lord, I’d say that if anyone needs a luxurious break it would be over-worked, over-stressed parents!

Mr M and I will continue to book ourselves onto couple-y breaks and heavens, we might even book a “luxury” break  regardless of our ‘family’ status (just don’t tell the owners or the other patrons, I don’t wish to offend anyone by my child-rearing state…) but I can tell you one thing for sure – this establishment* certainly won’t be seeing the colour of my money!  If I’m not welcome as a reviewer surely they wouldn’t want me as a paying guest either?

What do you think? Am I being unreasonable? Probably, but meh PARENTS ARE COUPLES TOO!

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*I’m not going to “name and shame” the hotel, as much as I want to. I feel that would be unfair on the PR who was truly lovely about it all.

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14 Comments on “Parents are couples too!”

    1. God I would definitely have gone without them! I love my children but I also love just spending time with my husband, I’d have jumped at the chance of some grown-up time, and we do try and do it at least once a year but they wouldn’t consider me because I am a parent.

  1. I think there’s a definitely a trend for child free hotels and holidays and given that there’s a huge percentage of woman now who are childless and lots of child free couples, I can sort of see where they’re coming from if they don’t want kids making a din and causing havoc in the restaurant (as mine would!). Irritating though, isn’t it!

    1. Oh I agree completely but I wouldn’t have taken them with me if it was a child free resort! I do travel without my children.

  2. That’s insane! I get that they want a child free environment (don’t we all from time to time?) but not to allow parents without their children is crazy! What do they think you are going to do? Sneak them in under your jumper? Cry into your G&T?

  3. My Goodness!! If anyone needs a break, it is parents. Parents are couples too, absolutely. My husband and I have spent a fortune on luxury breaks over the years and given a chance / babysitter we will again. One day. Why limit your market to the childless? I think they have missed a trick here. If there is one thing I know every parent needs, it’s a fricking break! Time to reconnect as a couple. Just time. I would have felt the same as you. X

  4. I’d have thought parents would be the prefect type of reviewer for a luxury break without the children! That’s just really strange! Were they under the impression that you were going to try and bring them with you!?! (as if you would do that to yourself!!!) Seriously, it’s definitely their loss not yours – I am sure there are many more luxury getaways that are better deserving of your time!!! 🙂 xxx

  5. Oh my gods are you serious? I’d be so insulted too! I have a kid but Im still a couple with my husband too… how the hell do they think children come about? And if all they want to serve is couples without children then pretty soon all thier guests will be old guests because it’s frikkin evolution – couples eventually decide to have children… you know , because they love each other and want to have a family… It’s so ridiculous I cant even comprehend!

  6. Strikes me as a case of somebody not doing their job properly. You’d only have to have the most cursory two minute read of your blog (in fact, the first five words of your ‘About Me’ page would do it!) to know that you are a parent, so why on earth would they ask you in the first place if they don’t want people who have children?

  7. This is utterly bizarre?! Yes they can invite who they like but why on earth would they retract the offer on the grounds that you are parents? How does being a parent make any difference to your stay? I just can’t work it out?!

  8. Oh it would be so hard for me not to name the establishment. Kudos to you for having restraint. Have you emailed corporate yet? Cause that is something I would surely do. You should not be considered any less of a couple because you have kids….isn’t that what most couples are destined to be? Parents. Have they checked how many “parents” vs. “no-parents” there are in the world. Wow. Just popping over from #brillblogposts 😀

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