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One of my favourite things in life is to travel, and I don’t do nearly enough of it myself, which means one of other favourite things to do in life is life vicariously through other people.  I spend hours reading through other peoples trip reports, pouring over photos and picking up hints and tips for future trips of my own. Blogs have become the biggest source of travel inspiration for me.

That’s why I have decided to create a new guest post feature on my blog – Travel Tales.

As part of Travel Tales I am welcoming guest posts from you lovely people that I can share with my readers. I am open to all suggestions but things I am interested in;

  • Your first family holiday
  • Your earliest holiday memory
  • Your most memorable trip
  • Your favourite holiday EVER

But of course you my also have a story about a disastrous or funny trip which you would like to share, and that’s fine too!

I’d like to make this an ongoing feature here on At Home With Mrs M and so would like to get as many people involved as possible. If you’re interested in submitting a post (and it doesn’t have to be epic length!) then drop me a line.

Look forward to hearing about your trips soon!

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