Meal Planning Monday (10th August 2015)

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Oh my.

A whole month without Meal Planning Monday? BIG apologies!

I went on my holidays and it was fabulous. I really needed that break after the 12 months I’ve had but was so busy with work in the run up to it that I didn’t have time to do the usual scheduling I would do in my absence. I stressed about it for a while but then figured, the earth wouldn’t stop turning if I just didn’t post for a few weeks and you know what, it didn’t, but I am glad to be back.  I had big plans to get Meal Planning Monday up again last week but when I went to log-in to my blog, or any WordPress site, I was totally denied. Hours were spent talking to ISPs and hosts and I got nowhere. I logged on last night ‘just to see’ and voila! I was in instantly, albeit my password had changed?! Who knows that that was about. Anyway I am here!

Lets get straight on with the meal plan huh?

Southern fried chicken wraps with sweet potato fries
Cheese and potato pie with beans (craving this so badly!)
Steak fajitas
Jacket potatoes with prawns and salad
Chicken Caesar salad
Make-your-own-pizza with the kids

Feels totally good to have a meal plan going again!

Now it’s your turn. If you’ll a regular you’ll know the routine but if you’re new to my blog or Meal Planning Monday then here’s how it works.

Simply link up your own meal planning blog post using the Linkytools form at the bottom of this post. If you’re not a blogger, then that doesn’t really matter, just leave a comment telling us what you’re eating that week!  There’s a whole post on tips and tricks for meal planning here that you might like to read.

We have a Facebook group that anyone is more than welcome to join, regardless of whether they’re a blogger or not and you can find that HERE. We’ve also got a Pinterest board where some of the meal planners have started pinning their favourite recipes from their blogs. If you’re interested in getting involved, then get in touch! Our hashtag on Twitter is#mealplanningmonday (Tesco once tried to steal it but I sent them packing!) Use the hashtag and I’ll RT as much as I can, and of course if you’ve got any questions about Meal Planning Monday, do drop me a line.

Look forward to reading all your posts this week!

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6 Comments on “Meal Planning Monday (10th August 2015)”

  1. I’ve had a lot of mither with my site, and apparently it was attempted hacking, and ‘brute attacks’ so I’ve upgraded the security on mine (used ithemes security plugin). The hacking rubbish caused a lot of problems and I’ve actually lost a site I’ve done for a friend and have now got to redo it! Technology eh!
    Hope you’ve had a good holiday besides all that anyways 😉 and glad Meal Planning Monday is back, I missed it!

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