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I have serious wanderlust right now.

I pretty much think about holidays, short breaks and camping trips all of the time. It drives my husband mad. If I’m not planning a trip or looking to the next time we can go away, I’m diligently planning things to do, transportation and restaurants to book for existing planned trips. It’s becoming a full-time hobby.

I love to get away and I’m not even that fussy. A two week holiday in Barbados? Yes please. A two night stay in a tent in Bournemouth? Yes please. See, easily pleased.

It seems like over the past however-many-years holiday prices have gone up? Flights certainly have. This means we have to make better choices. Instead of going for the usual two weeks in Mallorca at a holiday resort, we’re knocking things off our bucket list, even if it means having to save really really hard.  Because I have mild OCD am a forward-planner I am already looking to 2016 and so far this is what is on my travel wishlist.  (Note: I’m not including anywhere I’ve already been but my yearnings to return to NYC and Florida are constant)


Avoriaz, France – I am totally NOT a skier but Mr M is and I’d like the children to have the chance to try it. My plan would be to sit near a roaring fire with my Kindle and some hot chocolate, make use of a spa and generally just eat cheese. Pretty much a dream holiday for me.


Hawaii – Somewhere that has always been on my list, can’t tell you why. I just want to, ‘kay?


Nashville – I’m a country girl at heart and this is a MUST do. Ideally I’d like to go for the country musical festival in June time but beggars can’t be choosers. Ideally I’d also like to go with a girlfriend but my husband will throw a strop.


Vancouver/Rocky Mountains – The strongest contender for Holiday 2016. Canada has never appealed but Mr M wants to go so…I picked Vancouver as it looks and sounds like an interesting city and I’d like to explore the Rocky Mountains too. Though not too much, I’m not overly keen on the thought of a bear all up in my grill.


Alaska – Might seem like an odd choice but an Alaskan cruise is way up there on my list of things I want to do before I peg it. Not sure I’ll convince my husband into a cruise but time will tell.


New England – Quaint towns, golden leaves, clam chowder and hopefully no Robert De Niro bobbing around in the sea waiting to BRUTALLY ATTACK ME. Yes, Cape Fear did that to me. Always always wanted to experience New England in the fall. One day.


Sardinia – I totally want to go to Sardinia, laze on a beach for a week in a 5* star resort and do nothing but gaze at it’s utter beauty. I might need a lottery win though.


Ireland – The least glamorous of my holiday destinations but it’s been 20 years since I’ve been to the Emerald Isle, and as someone with an Irish parent it seems somewhat of a travesty. Mr M would like to go to and I’d like to take him off the beaten track, perhaps rural Galway where I once went as a child. It will of course rain like you’ve never known it.


Amalfi Coast – It wouldn’t be a dream holiday list without some Italy in it  because Italy is one of my favourite places in the world. I’ve never been to the Amalfi Coast and I must, so I will.

So there it is, my current list. All of these should be totally achievable eventually – as long as I keep working that is, no retirement for me any time soon!

Any of these on your dream travel list? What other places would be on yours? Leave me a message or why not write your own post and share it below.

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  1. Vancouver is amazing! Drive from Calgary to Vancouver – best holiday ever! We went on honeymoon and plan to return with our kids (youngest only 2 at moment, so bit young yet) x

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