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You may have seen a while back that I was invited for a weekend in Blackpool to check out everything that it has to offer as part of the #BlackpoolsBack campaign. If not you can read that post here.  We had a great time, bar an Exorcist-style vomiting episode which was dealt with beautifully by the Hilton Blackpool staff and today I wanted to share one of my favourite attractions with you, The Blackpool Tower Circus.  Unfortunately you’re not allowed to take photos inside the circus, I’m guessing so as not to distract the performers from their death-defying feats so images here are stock.

I’ll start by saying, we are not circus people at all. Like a lot of children (and adults!) my children are quite wary of clowns, I’d say my son was almost clown-phobic, so telling them we were going to the circus didn’t exactly fill them with glee. I however had read the reviews of the circus on TripAdvisor which were generally very positive and showed them pictures of the clowns on the official website where they could see they weren’t really scary clowns at all and so appeased, off we skipped to the Blackpool Tower.

The Tower Circus opened in 1894 is positioned at the base of The Blackpool Tower, between it’s four legs. I was immediately in awe of this room. I’ve been to The Blackpool Tower before and seen the famous ballroom but never knew this existed!

tower circus

Really beautiful and it was a great atmosphere.

The Blackpool Tower Circus is produced by Mooky the Clown, who has been part of the Circus for 23 years, and he is accompanied by his brother, Mr Boo, who has also been part of the Circus for 23 years! There’s a live band providing all the music which is well synced with the performances and I think having a live band really added to the attraction.


See? Non-scary clowns.

The show is full of slapstick humour in between sets of amazingly talented acrobats and circus performances which literally left me hiding behind my coat. No joke, there were edge of the seat moments. We’ve all seen circus acts on TV etc but seeing them perform them right in front of your eyes is another thing altogether. I was petrified for them, but of course, they’re pros and it all ended well. Phew!   One of the most spectacular things to happen was when the ring filled up with water, this was pretty impressive as it’s a lot of water. I had to read up about it afterwards and apparently the circus ring can be lowered into a pool of water and holds 42,000 gallons at a depth of 4ft 6inches. The Tower Circus is one of four left in the world that can do this!

tower circus (3)_1299231555

We gasped, we hid, we laughed and we thoroughly enjoyed!

Would we go back? Of course we would! It was fabulous entertainment for the whole family, with another over-the-heads-of-children adult jokes to make us snigger. We loved Mooky and Mr Boo, they were fabulous.

If there’s one attraction NOT TO MISS in Blackpool, it is The Blackpool Tower Circus which runs from 26th May 2015 to 1st November 2015. Visit the website for more info. I heard rumours that there is also a panto in the winter – would love to see this!

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