Meal Planning Monday (14th September 2015)

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Good morning!

I haven’t got much of a meal plan today, well in fact I haven’t really got any yet. There will be one though, I’m just behind as I spent the weekend at the Goodwood Revival and prior to that I had a couple of days away with work and literally the other end of the country. Friday was interesting getting from one to the other. I’ll be doing a full review of Goodwood later this week but this fabulous trip does mean that there has been no time to think about food yet, which is evident by my grumbling tummy and empty fridge.

When my meal plan does take shape it is going to involve casseroles, pies and all kinds of warm, autumnal food because lets face it, summer is gone. Sure, there is the occasional hit of warm sunshine but on the whole, I think we can safely say we’re moving into Autumn. Not that it bothers me, I am quite the fan of Autumn and I am looking forward to some slow cooking.

 I’m going to get straight to it and ask you – what’s on your meal plan this week?

Simply link up your own meal planning blog post using the Linkytools form at the bottom of this post. If you’re not a blogger, then that doesn’t really matter, just leave a comment telling us what you’re eating that week!  There’s a whole post on tips and tricks for meal planning here that you might like to read.

We have a Facebook group that anyone is more than welcome to join, regardless of whether they’re a blogger or not and you can find that HERE. We’ve also got a Pinterest board where some of the meal planners have started pinning their favourite recipes from their blogs. If you’re interested in getting involved, then get in touch! Our hashtag on Twitter is#mealplanningmonday (Tesco once tried to steal it but I sent them packing!) Use the hashtag and I’ll RT as much as I can, and of course if you’ve got any questions about Meal Planning Monday, do drop me a line.

Right, I am so hungry and I have work to do so I can’t sit and talk about food any longer, as I have none!

See you next week, look forward to seeing your plans!

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  1. I’m going to embrace the season and get the slow cooker out too. Really hope I can improve my stews this season as they were shockingly rubbish last year! Have a great week #MealPlanningMonday

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