Meal Planning Monday (28th September 2015)

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Good morning! Hope you had a lovely weekend, sun was shining. Was that the end of summer do we think? Who got up to see the moon last night? I didn’t. I woke at about 1.30am for a toilet trip and the moon was so bright, it was lighting up the whole area (I live rural, no streetlights) but I was too tired to contemplate setting an alarm.

Have had a busy weekend, more decluttering and this time it was my food cupboards. I am ashamed at what I had to throw out but the job is done and now I am more organised and know exactly what I have got. THREE large bottles of Worcestershire Sauce – how is it even possible to use that much? I don’t even like it.

My decluttering means this is what my meal plan is based on, and seeing as at some point in the last year I thought it wise to stockpile the Old El Paso supplies, it’s largely Tex-Mex based…

I decided to plump for a Morrisons delivery pass last week and paid £60 for the entire year – £5 per month and I can have a delivery every day if I like! This is going to change the way I eat and shop as I have zero time to go to the supermarket anymore so it’s all been a bit haphazard and VERY expensive. My gripe with online was that I couldn’t order for the full week as things would go out of date, now I am going to do two Morrisons shops a week and I find I can always get a next day slot. Super chuffed with myself!

So here is my meal plan;

Oven baked crispy chicken fajitas
Taco Tuesday!
Spaghetti Carbonara
Hoisin chicken stirfry
Creamy chicken enchiladas
Fishcakes, potatoes and broccoli
Roast dinner and all the trimmings

Right, that’s me done. What about you?

Link up your own meal planning blog post using the Linkytools form at the bottom of this post. If you’re not a blogger, then that doesn’t really matter, just leave a comment telling us what you’re eating that week!  There’s a whole post on tips and tricks for meal planning here that you might like to read.

We have a Facebook group that anyone is more than welcome to join, regardless of whether they’re a blogger or not and you can find that HERE. We’ve also got a Pinterest board where some of the meal planners have started pinning their favourite recipes from their blogs. If you’re interested in getting involved, then get in touch! Our hashtag on Twitter is#mealplanningmonday. Use the hashtag and I’ll RT as much as I can, and of course if you’ve got any questions about Meal Planning Monday, do drop me a line.

Right I have my day job to get to. I forgot to post my Meet the Meal Planner post last week, duh, so look out for it later this week, I promise!!

See you next week, look forward to seeing your plans!

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  1. I like my sleep too much to be getting up to see the moon…lol
    Everything sounds great! Yum! Tacos!

  2. Loving all of the Mexican meals this week! I am thinking about getting a Morrisons delivery saver too, sounds great x

  3. Oooh, I love the sound of the crispy chicken fajitas. We often have fajitas, but I never thought of oven baking the chicken for it. Thanks for hosting!#mpm

  4. Creamy chicken enchiladas sound divine.

    Out of curiosity, how do you make your tacos?

  5. I love the old el paso range, all sounds yummy this week. I love the delivery passes online, I have an asda one


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