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I was recently contacted by fancy dress company Escapade who were sharing their Fire Safety Guide in the run-up to Halloween. I decided that this was something I wanted to share with my readers because I am sure many of you, like myself, were horrified to hear about the trauma that poor Claudia Winkleman and her daughter were faced with last year.  It was horrible to read about – there but for the grace of god – and really hard viewing her interview with Watchdog earlier this year too.

Escapade told me that recent statistics reveal that in 2013 there were 401 injuries and 6 deaths from accidental candle fire and in the same year, 82 fire-related injuries occurred between Halloween and Bonfire night in London alone.

Obviously Halloween and Bonfire night are times for fun but it’s also really important to be vigilant about fire safety at this time of year.

Escapade consider it hugely important to work with suppliers who share their values and their shops and warehouses stock children’s costumes that have been rigorously tested by manufacturers and suppliers to make sure they fully comply with European regulations on flammability.  They’ve also created a Fire Safety Guide, speaking to experts such as St Johns Ambulance, London Fire Brigade, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue and Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service.  You can read the guide here and discover what to do in the event of a fire-related injury, which is essential reading as my first instinct would be to panic.

In return for sharing this information with you, Escapade are sending me one of their LED Pumpkin Lights. This is the first time they have stocked these lights, which have seven colour variations. Everyone, not only Escapade, is urging families to replace candles in their pumpkins with an LED light so that children and pets will not be at risk of injury and I think they are a great idea, in fact I have been using LED tealights in mine for years (and at Christmas too for that matter). Escapade are providing 1000 complimentary Pumpkin Lights to people purchasing costumes store as well as to all customers who order online. A fantastic initiative!

Do check out the guide and in the meantime, I’ll leave you with this infographic about safe costumes.

Happy Halloween!

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Escapade Fire Safety v2

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