Is it time to get my Bike Out?


The other day I was tidying up the garage and came across my old bike. When I bought it, I was full of good intentions. The plan was to use it to get fit. It was/is a great plan, but one that I have not really put into action. The children came along, so suddenly I was super busy and the bike stayed in the garage.

Despite this, I have hung onto the bike with the intention of doing something with it, and I think the time has now come to actually do so. The first step is to get it roadworthy again.

To do this I went online and watched a couple of videos to learn how to check my bike over, and work out what needed doing. This one was the best one, it is a very short, yet comprehensive video that covers all of the important components.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that there actually was not that much wrong with my bike. The tyres are still good and despite all of the gear that had been stored on top of and around it, the wheels were not warped or damaged. I just needed to replace the brake pads and having remembered how uncomfortable the saddle was I invested a new saddle. I was able to buy all the bike parts online, which just took a few minutes and did not cost much

The plan is to get my husband to sort out the brake pads. Although for the video I found on YouTube, it looks like the kind of job that I could do myself if I have to.

My main aim is to get fit using the bike, so I am also thinking of investing in a trainer. Using a trainer it is easy to turn a road bike and into a static exercise bike. They are really designed for serious cyclists, so they are quite expensive but I am hoping to pick up a 2nd hand one for a low price.

Unfortunately, the roads around here are not particularly bike friendly, so I am looking for other ways to enjoy cycling. One option is to join a local bike club. Riding in a group is far safer than riding solo. Most clubs are lead from the front and there is a follower who picks up the stragglers and makes sure that everyone in the group maintains the proper distance to allow other traffic to pass safely

Riding off road is another good option. At this stage, I am not talking about mountain biking. Although after seeing the display at Bestival a few years ago, I would secretly like to have a go at mountain biking at some stage in the future. But, as I say that is for the future. Right now, a gentle ride around a park or nature reserve cycle route would be perfect. The great thing about this option is that it is something we can also enjoy doing as a family

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