Meal Planning Monday (5th October 2015)

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Good evening!

A bit late in the day with my post today but I’ve been so busy with the day job and after school shenanigans today. Better late than never though huh!

So far, I am LOVING my Morrisons delivery pass, totally changed things for me. I am so much more organised and everything is running more smoothly. And no, I am not sponsored by Morrisons!  It’s taken me a while to find my groove after going back to work five days a week, but six months later I am finally getting there.

Here’s my plan this week!

BBQ pulled chicken (in the slow cooker)
Chilli Con Carne
Sausage, mash and Yorkshire pudding
Jacket potatoes & leftover frozen chilli
Chicken caesar salad
Roast dinner

It’s not a good week without pizza in my house. We’re pizza addicts!

Okay – your turn!

Link up your own meal planning blog post using the Linkytools form at the bottom of this post. If you’re not a blogger, then that doesn’t really matter, just leave a comment telling us what you’re eating that week!  There’s a whole post on tips and tricks for meal planning here that you might like to read.

We have a Facebook group that anyone is more than welcome to join, regardless of whether they’re a blogger or not and you can find that HERE. We’ve also got a Pinterest board where some of the meal planners have started pinning their favourite recipes from their blogs. If you’re interested in getting involved, then get in touch! Our hashtag on Twitter is#mealplanningmonday. Use the hashtag and I’ll RT as much as I can, and of course if you’ve got any questions about Meal Planning Monday, do drop me a line.

See you next week, look forward to seeing your plans!

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7 Comments on “Meal Planning Monday (5th October 2015)”

  1. I hope you don’t mind that I am linking my own link up at your party…your menu plan sure sound delish….do you make your own Yorkshire Pud?

    1. No worries whatsoever! I do make my own. Occasionally I buy it in store by my children complain, so I rarely do that anymore as I also prefer homemade!

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