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If you are counting every penny, but you still want to have lots of fun – there are some ways how to manage to do both of these things. It is actually not that hard to spend some quality time altogether and still won’t spend a dime! So bellow you will find some ideas that are great to do for sure. Try it with your whole family and have an excellent evening without spending any money at all!

Join classes or clubs

You and your whole family can spend a lot of fun time together if you register for some educational classes or clubs. It is definitely free or cost very little to attend it and it can actually make a great hobby too! For instance, many public libraries host craft sessions, reading groups and classes on practical skills like resume writing and interview preparedness, basic and mobile technology skills, and so on. So you can find some great activities and visit it with your children. Also, if you want to learn to swim, dance, sculpt, whittle and karate chop your local community centre is the place to be!


Another tip for frugal and fun activities is to find your local volunteering program and join with the whole family! This way you can help your society, have some great time altogether and find new friends too. And the best part about this is that your children can learn the value of work and how it affects everything that surrounds them. So visit a local animal shelter or put your names on a list of beach cleaning volunteers and make a day outdoors helping others!

Make coupons workshop

You can get a day out of being frugal too! Gather all newspapers, magazines and other places from there you can get the best coupons and make every family member contribute with their effort of cutting it out or printing it. It is definitely a good way how to have a lot of fun being together, and also working on stuff that will let you be frugal while shopping! Ask your kids to search for the best coupons online too and ask them to print it. Everything works if that is near a computer for kids!

In fact, couponing can be a great hobby too, since there are thousands of coupons wandering around. And you can use it to purchase almost everything you wish for! Just take a glance at these Overstock online coupons from and prove it to yourself!

Make DIY workshop too

You can have lots of great time and be frugal if you gather your family and make something that can be handy for all of you. For instance – toys, furniture or clothing if you are skilled enough! It is very cheap to do that and it is fun since you are learning and creating something for yourself! You can start everything from studying how to do it, but don’t take too long because kids might get bored soon. Anyway, definitely do it all by yourself and you will have lots of fun without spending a dime!

Create fun environment at home

You don’t need to go to the movies or eat out then you can do all that for free at your home! Make a great family time and watch some great movies with popcorns and other snacks kids love. Afterward, discuss that you saw and find a great time sharing your thoughts. After some time, it can be a great family tradition!

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