I ask you, when did holidays get so expensive?


As the nights draw in I can’t help my mind wandering off to thoughts of summer holidays. I know it was only summer yesterday but I love a holiday, who doesn’t?  With the way English summer goes, it’s about our only guaranteed chance of some warm sun hitting our skin during August and I do so like to have that to look forward to when I am sitting wrapped in a blanket on a cold, soggy campsite in Dorset.

This week we’ve come to the tough decision to not go abroad next year and this makes me sad.

I really enjoy holidays – including all the planning – and my children get super excited about going, packing their bags themselves etc It’s something we all look forward to as  a family. I enjoy the heat, the food, the culture – they enjoy getting in the sea or pool.

However things have changed.

When did holidays get SO expensive? I’ve blinked and they’ve increased by about £3k!

Last summer we went to Italy. I love Italy. It’s still your best chance I think of reasonable flights, good food and culture however Northern Italy, which is our choice destination, is not really a pool holiday type of place – and if they have them, they come at a premium. After a few years of hectic holidays, we’re all craving a total relaxation break but alas it appears not to be.

Now, I know we have to pay a premium to go in the school holidays and as a parent of two school age children, I’ve always accepted that but your average 2 week holiday in Spain, self-catering, is about £3k now. That’s outrageous. And I’m sorry, but I am just not paying that for two of us to sleep on a sofa bed, sitting around a pool with only British people  to talk to (where you will have had to leg it at 6am to even get a  hope of a sun lounger…forget about a brolly!) eating overpriced egg and chips and watered down beer.

Who is paying that? Honestly? Clearly lots of people are but I’ve got to the point now where I’d just rather not go on holiday than waste that much cash.

We’ve made the decision to not be tempted into a Brits abroad  holiday and save our money for a better holiday, so in 2016 we will skip the holiday and save for a trip to America or Canada in 2017. I costed up two weeks all-inclusive at a good 4* resort in Spain and it came back about £1k cheaper than two weeks at Disneyworld Florida with meals and park tickets – I know what I’d rather do?!  We’d book for 2016 but again, flight prices are so ridiculously extortionate that we’ll save for a year – I won’t put holidays on credit cards.

I’m sorry for the rant, but is it just me? How is everyone affording these holidays? We’re not poor by any means but it just seems like such a criminal rip-off and waste of money.  So this year will stay at home and I don’t mind that really, I love England, there’s nowhere like it in the sunshine but you know, the only thing we’re guaranteed is that it will rain 6 days out of 7, which is slightly depressing.

Would love to know your thoughts and what your holiday plans for 2016 are – inspire me!

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PS Can someone please remind me of this rant when I am bemoaning the English weather and whinging about going camping yet again next year?

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  1. I agree that holidays are more expensive than they used to be but so is everything… A trip to the cinema these days can take up £50 for my family of four… I remember when a cinema ticket was a few quid! Good idea to plan now for 2017… You and your kids will really enjoy looking forward to America and planning it all!

  2. I don’t understand how people spend so much either – we simply couldn’t afford it. We tend to use the Sun holidays in Europe and drive (using the Ferry or tunnel). We always go in school holidays (usually Whitsun which also happens to be my birthday). The most I have ever spent was 1K for 3 adults and 3 children (so annoying that over 12s are adults) for 6 days and nights at Disneyland Paris (in a Disney hotel).

  3. Holidays are very expensive nowadays aren’t they, this year we have been lucky as two weeks of our holiday fell outside the normal term times so we got quite reasonable holidays but next year isn’t looking so lucky!

  4. It is mad the cost of holidays – we are a family of 6 with a child that is considered an adult so we just cannot afford some packages. Villa holidays are cheaper and we are off to France next year although sadly in February and not when it is warm and sunny. Weirdly it is cheaper than a UK holiday too

  5. I have to say (rather smugly, I am sorry #notsorry !) that this year we have enjoyed several breaks including one abroad as a result of my blogging. But we did go to Menorca last year too. Have you thought of Airbnb? You rent someone’s home – I have heard some great success stories of holidays this way. Kaz x

  6. I would also recommend Airbnb, have used their concept on a variety of trips now including a few days staying at a couple’s house in Brighton, and my boyfriend stayed in a purpose built casita in Austin, Texas for a recent work conference – a lot cheaper than a hotel and a far more exciting experience in my opinion. x

  7. Well finally somebody who feels exactly the same as me about rip off holidays! I thought I was the only one and that everyone else quietly accepted these prices!-good to know I’m not.
    My particular beef is Spanish holidays-especially in the Balaerics ane Canaries.I was quoted £2000 for 2 weeks in Tenerife in Decenter. Outrageous.Ibiza is another extortion racket-£4000 at Xmas and in Ibiza Town £2000 for a fortnight’s B and B.
    I know that having the euro has pushed Spanish prices up-but this is simply unadulterated greed.
    so next Xmas I off to Thailand fora month-at £2500 including business class flight (1500)-it’s still 2000 less than the canares! -even though it’s thousands of miles away.An acquain’t acne who goes to Portugal refuses to go to Spain because he bemoans the Spanish being “gr ee e edy”

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