Guest post: The importance of building strong bones during your youth


Having a strong skeleton is a truly vital component of living a full life. If you have problems with your bones and your skeleton, you know that you’re probably going to suffer problems later in life that will only worsen. Thankfully, there are ways that you can mitigate the risk of having problems with your body by taking steps to strengthen your skeleton in your youth. Many people don’t know that you actually lay the groundwork for making a strong skeleton as you grow, and that much of the strengthening is done based on the calcium that you take in during your youth and adolescence. You need to get enough calcium in your youth to strengthen your bones, and I want to touch on some of the reasons why it’s important to build strong bones in your youth. I’ll also go over some of the ways in which you can build strong bones.

Avoid osteopenia

You might have heard of osteoporosis, but have you heard of osteopenia? This is a term that doctors use to describe low bone density, and while it’s not as severe as osteoporosis, it’s still a problem. Low bone density (osteopenia) is thought to affect millions of Americans, and is an early warning sign that you need to be taking some action to avoid actually developing osteoporosis (which can lead to broken bones in the future). By fortifying your skeleton in your youth, you go a long way towards ensuring that you prevent the risk of osteopenia. There is plenty of treatment for osteopenia but the best cure is prevention!

Enjoy your life into old age

A great part of having a strong and healthy body is the fact that you’ll be able to continue to enjoy the things you love as you age. You won’t have to give up social activities or bow out of sports or active things because of a weak or brittle bones. Lay the foundations in your youth and reap the rewards as you get older.

So how exactly do you avoid being at risk for bone brittleness and the subsequent conditions? Let’s take a look here.


Research has shown that exercise in your youth helps to strengthen your bones and to build your resistance to bone injury. Impact sports are the best for strong bones, and activities like running, jumping, walking, tennis, basketball and other impact sports are great for your bones.


Your bones need calcium to grow, and you need to ensure that you get enough calcium through your diet as you grow, so that your bones reach the optimal density. Studies have shown that your body’s skeleton reaches peak density by the time you’re around 25 to 30, so making sure that you take in enough calcium in this time is vital. Ensure that you continue to take in enough calcium as you age, as the body needs calcium for some of its vital functions.

Vitamin D

As part of the absorption of calcium, your body also needs to get enough vitamin D. For children and youths, it’s usually pretty easy to get enough vitamin D – simply being outside in the sun for around 10-15 minutes without sunscreen is plenty of exposure to get enough vitamin D. For adults who spend their time in offices and inside, it can be harder; thankfully there are vitamin D tablets which you can take as a supplement.

I hope that you have found this list of strong bone builders helpful and useful, and that you manage to enjoy a strong skeleton for the duration of your life.

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