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I once read a quote that went something like “You have to decide whether to turn the page or close the book”. Like many quotes that can be found on the internet, I don’t know the origin of this but it does kind of sum up how I have been feeling about blogging recently.

Over the past year I’ve lost my way a little with blogging and that has made me sad. In recent months, I’ve totally abandoned it as ‘real life’ just go too busy to even contemplate squishing another thing into my already-busy life and I’ve even considered just giving up blogging altogether. During this unsettled time, I have made commitments to people that I haven’t met and I am sorry for that – I will contact these people to rectify that as these things play heavy on my mind – but all this has told me that I need to re-evaluate my blogging position and what it is I am doing here.

I really want to get back to the reasons why I started blogging in the first place, I want to get back to 2005 – when I cared not who read it, what my stats or rankings were and I wasn’t doing reviews or sponsored posts and the like. Back then, I was just writing as an outlet. Not always creative, but it was something to do, for myself.  Sure, I still like doing the odd review and the occasional sponsored post when I need a few extra £££ is all good but these have been taking over my blogging and I have been feeling obligated to blog rather than choosing it as something I want to do. Something that I enjoy doing.

Over the past year, it has become a chore.

Which means, something is wrong, right?

2016 is going to see me taking a different approach to blogging. I am going to be saying NO a lot more. I’m not going to say that I won’t do a review or take part in a challenge – because I will if a) I can fit it into my life and b) it’s something that is actually of relevance and interest to me.  Saying NO also frees up my time to do more reading and commenting of other people’s blogs – and I am refreshing my blog reader today, and looking for new blogs to follow.

I’m going to do more blogging about what I am doing, my thoughts, activities, holidays, trips, things that interest me, things that piss me off.  Which is where I started.

I feel that cutting off these shackles is somewhat a weight off my mind and I am now looking forward to blogging during 2016 again.

I’m not closing the book, I am turning the page.

I just hope I’ve still got some readers out there to read it!

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20 Comments on “Turning the page…”

  1. Glad you’re back. I’ve been feeling the same about my blog, it’s very much a case of sponsored posts to get the money in and not much actual blogging from me lately. Time for a change I think. x

    1. Yes, I’ve still committed to a few sponsored posts – I do need the money but I need to make sure I balance those out better and only commit to a few every now and again.

  2. I have felt the same over the past year and have kept one of my sites open to paid content and started a new one so I can write what I want to write and not worry about who reads it.

  3. I love blogging as you can leave and come back. You can make it what you want it to be, but it should never be a chore. I am looking forward to seeing meal planning Monday back in all its glory!

  4. I think sometimes you need that break to reevaluate things. I totally get what you are saying, I have only been blogging two years but I feel like I’ve lost my way a bit since those early months when I just blogged because I wanted to write.
    Love the quote!

  5. I have to admit that since my blog took off I feel the stress of it like having a “real job” but thankfully I still love it. Sometimes having a break is much needed and I plan on having a couple this this year

    1. Yes, I feel that stress – and I have an almost full-time job as well as extra volunteer commitments, and school, and activities. Sometimes it gets a bit too much but I am trying to plan ahead in 2016 for those busy moments and having people on hand to help out with Meal Planning Monday is a big part of that plan!

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