Meal Planning Monday (11th January 2016)

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Good morning!

Hope you all had a good first week back to school/work/routine?

I just wanted to say how great it was to be back blogging last week and thank you to all those that joined in – 34 people linked up which is just incredible seeing as #mealplanningmonday has been absent for so long. Wow. I was over-the-moon! I also made a concerted effort to read and comment on every single blog post and I will continue to do so!

I’ve done my meal plan and my grocery shop so I am all set up for a busy week ahead!  Trying out a few new recipes this week which always excites me!

Monday: Baked Honey Salmon with green beans and baby/new potatoes
Tuesday: Pizza (from the freezer, stupidly busy night!!)
Wednesday: Balsamic Honey Pulled Pork (in buns with coleslaw)
Thursday: Beef & Vegetable casserole with cheese and herb dumplings Yorkshire puddingMacaroni cheese
Friday: Macaroni cheese
Saturday: Cheesy chicken enchiladas
Sunday: A big fat roast dinner!

Ooh even looking at that myself I am looking forward to my meals this week!

What is on your meal plan this week?

As I said above I was really pleased with how Meal Planning Monday went last week – I mentioned last week how I really wanted to rejuvenate Meal Planning Monday in 2016! Please continue to share as much as possible!

If you’re new… If you’re here because you’ve just stumbled across my blog today on Facebook or Twitter and you want to join in with Meal Planning Monday then jump right in – the more the merrier! The idea is simple – just write a blog post about your meal plans for the week and share by adding it to the Linky Tool widget below my signature. If you don’t have a blog it’s not a problem, just leave a comment telling us what you are eating.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #mealplanningmonday on Twitter tomorrow and I’ll Retweet as many as I can (without pissing everyone off that is!).

Thanks everyone! Look forward to catching up with you and your blogs this week!


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30 Comments on “Meal Planning Monday (11th January 2016)”

  1. Glad to hear that MPM did well in it’s first week of 2016, it was lovely to see so many people involved!

    Loving the sound of your cheesy enchiladas and macaroni cheese. Yay for cheese.

  2. Mm the pulled pork sounds really good, I think we went through a stage of eating it every week but then have not for ages now – must make again!

    Wish I’d had a break between xmas and ny but was working 🙁

  3. Hurrah! So pleased so many people linked up, it’s great to see old favourites and new blogs linking up with MPM.

    Great meal plan this week, I love bbq pulled pork it’s one of my favourite meals. Have a great week x

  4. This is a good idea – I do try to plan our meals for the week, but it doesn’t always work out, especially as we have a mixture of vegetarians, meat eaters and gluten avoiders in the family!

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