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I don’t think I’ve ever made a secret of the fact that I love planners and notebooks and all kinds of stationery. Oh and lists, I flipping well love a list. I have a really fetish for all things organisational so when I was asked by Lynn Schreiber, found of Jump! Mag if I’d like to receive a copy of the Jump! Parent Planner I didn’t have to think twice. Of course I did!

The Jump! Parent Planner has been designed by Lynn to be a practical tool for busy parents and as I am most definitely one of those I was very keen to see it for myself.

The first step in the Parent Planner is goal setting – this is something that is so essential in life but something I am rubbish at. I once read that people are more likely to realise their goals if they write them down. The planner encourages you to think about what your goals are and make a plan as to how you are going to achieve them. 


I am currently juggling parenting, school, activities, working nearly full-time, doing freelance work and of course, blogging, all at the same time so planning ahead is absolutely crucial for me. The Parent Planner’s handy Monthly Routine pages are a month overview, meaning you can see at a glance what is in store for the month – including any nasty payments you might have to make! There’s also room to jot down your goal for the month, appointments etc. 



After the monthly routine, the pages break down into weeks for a more detailed view of what is coming up. As a meal planner what I love about this is the space to write in what’s for dinner!  I meal plan every week but I only keep the list on my blog so it’s handy to have a little box for that in the planner. There are also spaces to write down your top priorities for the week as well as recording any achievements and memories – a really sweet idea I think.


The planner doesn’t just have to be used for family life, it’s very adaptable and it would make a great blogging planner too! There’s extra plain pages at the back which is really handy when you’re an incessant lister like myself – it means you can have everything in one place.


I have only recently started using the Parent Planner but I am already quite attached to it.  I’ve tried similar a product in the past though it was a lot more pricey and also a lot more bulky, not great for using on the go. This is a slim A5 size which fits perfectly into my handbag or laptop bag, making it easy for me to carry around.


*cough* Ahem. Still working on that one, but it’s going in the right direction…

I hope Lynn produces another one for 2017, this could become indispensable to me!

To find out more about Jump Books and the Parent Planner visit the website by clicking here.

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23 Comments on “Review: Jump! Parent Planner”

  1. Ooh I hadn’t thought about putting meal plans into my planner – what a great idea! Trouble is my days need to be so big for all the to-do lists I put in there every day! I need to stop making lists and start doing things! 🙂

  2. Seeing you so organized is an inspiration for me . The planner looks awesome ! looking at number of jobs you do each day , You definitely need a good planner .

  3. Good morning Mrs. M,
    I have been addicted to notebooks, planners, pens & making to-Do lists since I was a child! – now 51, I find myself still crossing things off! How many times can you reschedule organizing the storage room? 🙂 This year, I bought 5 notebooks : labeled: housework ( for use Mon-Thurs ), Fun stuff (for Fri ), Home projects (Sat. when home ) Guest home projects (for wknd we have a staycation next door ) & spiritual, restful ( for Sun.) Do you ever get a chance to read my comments? We’re off for a tech-free staycation, 🙂 the other Mrs. M

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