Welcome to 2016 with Mrs M!

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Wow. 2016 already?

Happy New Year!

In time-honoured tradition I thought that I really ought to start the year by writing about the resolutions I don’t intend to keep… Oh I’m only half-kidding, I’m sure I’ll at least give them a go in January but c’mon – resolutions are made for breaking!

Let’s just get in to them shall we? Here we go.

Lose weight – Yada, yada, YAWN. Yes I need to lose weight, maybe 2016 will be the year I actually do it? Who knows. I keep thinking about trying Slimming World or similar but think I will just attack it by eating less and moving more. Sounds like a simple enough strategy to me? Also going to try to exercise a bit more. I hate exercise but did start running a few years ago and didn’t hate that so will give some gentle jogging a go again. My daughter is keen to do a 5k (she’s 10) so I’ll have someone to spur me on!

Upskill myself – I’m already on the way with my marketing qualification but I know there are gaps in my knowledge that need to be filled if I want to take another step along my chosen career path so I am going to look for more courses (probably short ones) that I can to keep myself learning, and add to my CV!

Drink less – This one I am serious about. I need to cut down on the midweek drinking, which then might help me lose weight, ha. Those wine calories!

Read more – My reading has fallen WAY off. I am going to aim to read a book a week. No more, no less.  My Kindle is chocka with the gazillions of books I have downloaded over the years so there are no excuses!

Blog more – Blogging also fell way off last year and this made me sad. I am going to get back into blogging big time and make sure I give myself enough time each week to do it.

Say NO more – In blogging, in life, in general. I’m such a “yes” person and it’s dragging me down.

Check my boobs – I am rubbish at this, seriously. If I don’t stick to any other of my resolutions I am going to stick to this. After reading about other people finding lumps and bumps recently I realised that I RARELY do this and I need to start looking after myself.

There, they are my basic resolutions – nothing too taxing and in reality, with a bit of willpower and get-up-and-go they’re all really achievable so I don’t feel like I am setting myself up for too much of a fall!

If you’re a blogger, I know you’ll no doubt have written your own resolutions post, so leave me a message below and I’ll come check it out!

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10 Comments on “Welcome to 2016 with Mrs M!”

    1. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s losing weight – I love eating and I love bad food but I really need to be a bit healthier.

  1. God luck with your resolutions. I have a few intentions that are the same as yours, never thought about adding boob checking, I’m rubbish at it too.

    1. I never do it, am so ashamed but I’ve read recently about people getting breast cancer relatively young so I really should!

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