Meal Planning Monday (1st February 2016)

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So I am a little late with this but what a day! Lets just say I had a LOT of work to do, redecorating two bedrooms, have a child off sick and a new kitten in the house and leave it at that shall we?

Moving on.

All this chaos meant I had to do a very easy meal plan – especially considering I am out of the house no less than four evenings this week. Do you remember those days before you had children and you could just come from work, kick off your shoes and eat a plate of pasta in front of Emmerdale? I miss those days.

This is how my meal plan looks;

Monday: Salmon encroute with green beans and herby baby potatoes
Tuesday: Gammon, egg, chips and pineapple (GET IN!)
Wednesday: Pizza (with a fried egg on it, this is my new thing)
Thursday: Going out – kids at grandmas for tea, we’ll probably get a McDonalds :/)
Friday: Going out – everyone else having macaroni cheese
Saturday: Going out – everyone else having fish and chips (made at home)
Sunday: Cottage pie

Chaos huh.

Thursday we’re off to see Sarah Millican – that’s after a school meeting and a school sporting event, hence to McDonalds which will probably be post-show as there’ll be no time. Friday I am on a girls night out – we’ll be drinking lots and sharing deli platters and Saturday I am staying at a friends which normally results in a buffet of cheese.

Next week I am going to do a lot of cooking to make-up for it!

What is on your meal plan this week?

If you’re new… If you’re here because you’ve just stumbled across my blog today on Facebook or Twitter and you want to join in with Meal Planning Monday then jump right in – the more the merrier! The idea is simple – just write a blog post about your meal plans for the week and share by adding it to the Linky Tool widget below my signature. If you don’t have a blog it’s not a problem, just leave a comment telling us what you are eating.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #mealplanningmonday on Twitter and I’ll Retweet as many as I can!

Thanks everyone! I’m still catching up on commenting….I’ll get there eventually!

Look forward to catching up with you and your blogs this week!

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