Space is the place…Camp Bestival is THE place!


Am so very excited about Camp Bestival this year – especially with the space theme. I am LOVING the space theme.

I am so completely obsessed with space right now and my new hero is Tim Peake – it’s fair to say I’ve become a bit fanatical, constantly boring my husband with tales of what Tim is up to now, and his adventures with Astro Pi is also keeping me hooked! I’m turning into a space geek and I am not ashamed!

This week the organisers of Camp Bestival released a little more information about what will be occurring at Camp Bestival 2016 and in my humble opinion, 2016 is going to be the best ever.

I’m just going to leave a few words here.

  • Royal Albert Hall presents ‘Space Symphony’
  • National Space Centre
  • The Science Museum
  • UK Space Agency
  • Royal Observatory Greenwich
  • Brickies Lego Space Academy
  • Cosmic Cocktails
  • Astro Pi Code Club Workshops

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Just how awesome does all that sound?!

Tickets are now on saleĀ and there’s an excellent payment plan available to help spread the cost. Visit the Camp Bestival website to find out more info.

Hope to see you there!

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