How To Teach Kids To Clean Up


Teaching your children to clean up after themselves is one of the most difficult aspects of parenting. You can beg, plead or even threaten and it seems to have little to no effect on their cleanliness. You can also save money by using Overstock coupons on parenting self help books. Read on to learn more about these helpful tips for instilling a stronger sense of order in your children.

1. Set A Routine

People are creatures of habit and children are certainly no different. They are much more apt to clean up after themselves if they know that there is a set routine they must stick to. For example, you can teach your children that all of their toys must be picked up before bedtime or that washing their hands is a prerequisite before eating dinner or having a snack. This eliminates the element of surprise.

2. Be a Shining Example

Children mimic their parents much more than they realize. While you can huff and puff about the importance of cleaning up all day long, your children are going to follow your example. If you are someone who does not clean up after yourself, the perceptive mind of a child is going to take notice of this. Do you want your child to become a responsible adult? It is on you to serve as a positive role model.

3. Provide a Warning

Don’t just snap your fingers and expect your kids to lunge into clean up mode, especially when they are in the middle of a spirited playtime session or watching a favorite show. Offer them an advance warning and let them know that clean up time is soon to come. Whether its telling them that they only have one more show to watch before its time to clean or letting them that they have five more minutes to play, an advance warning goes a long way.

4. Let Them Take Breaks

Adults already know just how arduous cleaning up can be and expecting a small child to handle the entire task without stopping to take a breather is foolhardy. Don’t expect your little one to tackle an entire room in one sitting, let them take short breaks during the midst of cleaning up, so that they are not overwhelmed.

5. Reverse Psychology

For some children, a direct order simply doesn’t cut it and you will need to deploy some trickery. Maybe its allowing them to stay up for a few extra minutes before bedtime or telling them an extra story. Or perhaps you can talk about the house you went to where the toys were already put away and how great of a feeling this was. Knowing your child and their internal motivators goes a long way when you are trying to use reverse psychology.

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