Holiday Moan 2016

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Firstly before I start with the whinging – just where on earth did TV holiday programmes disappear to?

As a child, we never travelled abroad so the closest thing I got to it was watching Holiday and Wish You Were Here sat in front of the TV in our brown lounge.   Somehow, it feels like people travel now more than they ever did so I find it really quite odd that there is seemingly no place for these shows in our modern TV schedules. I really do miss them! So much I feel like starting a campaign to bring them back…

I did hear a rumour last year that one of them was being revived, not sure if that is true or not but no doubt if it does make it back onto our screens it will be a complete Z-list celebfest or have some super tacky reality angle that will make me want to throw the remote at the screen.

Sure there are programmes on the telly about travel to far flung destinations but I really don’t want to see a documentary about trekking in Peru or gorilla watching in Borneo. I want to see the best of closer-to-home destinations that are achievable for the majority. Like the Balearics that have a lot to offer, or programmes that show there’s more to Spain than the Costa Del Sol and that perhaps feature hotels that, with a little saving, we could all afford to stay at. That’s what those programmes were about.

Rant over.

Really I started this post to rant about the cost of holidays once again. I did it last year and I am doing it again, so humour me.

Booking a holiday must be one of the largest amounts of money that anybody spends out of their annual family budget but the prices have just gone crazy – I mean, I spend more time pondering over holiday choices and trying to justify costs than I would ever do about a car that I would use every day!

We initially decided not to have a holiday abroad this year – for numerous reasons – we’ve done quite ‘busy’ holidays the past few years, the rising costs, the uncertainty in the world at the moment and so on but now I am madly craving a week in the sun, with a pool and my Kindle and the children haven’t had a week in the sun doing nothing for years. The problem is, I don’t want to pay £4k for the privilege – am I out of touch or is that extortionate in comparison to living costs and wages – and that’s me being mighty conservative.

Okay, so to be honest, I am not looking at the bottom-end of the market but I am not looking at uber luxury either. I’ve stayed bottom-end in Tenerife before and believe me, it’s no picnic, so 4* is the lowest I am willing to go. It’s not even that I am finding that the accommodation is that badly priced. I can find some decent holidays, half-board or all-inclusive for under £2k but when you add in the cost of the flights, and then the luggage, oh and the seat reservations…well the flights for two adults and two children to practically anywhere in Europe in August were coming back at £1,500. That feels ridiculous to me? Two years ago, I got flights for all four of us for £600 to Italy. All the add-on costs that used to be included in your fare really make the bill mount up.

Some of the hotels were coming back at an eye-watering £6k (without flights) bed and breakfast. Who pays that?! Clearly someone does but it’s not me! My husband and I both have good jobs and yes, we could probably afford it and I know this is a First World Problem, but for me my grievance it’s not so much about the cost but the value. Where is the VALUE in these holidays?

So, here I am, back full circle getting the hump with the holiday industry, the airlines and not booking anywhere. I really wish I didn’t even look to start with because all that happens is  I end up feeling frustrated and grumpy!

Would love to hear your thoughts – what are your plans this year? Do you think that prices have gone astronomical? Am I being unreasonably tetchy about this?

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    1. I did have a look actually but there’s not much left for our dates and locations. Need to plan further ahead I think!

  1. I’m always amazed by how expensive things are – we are a family of five and I find everything is extremely expensive – or you end up staying in something rubbish, or aimed at clubbers and teens! We’re going to Disney World this year, and despite doing it all myself to “cut costs” we’re spending over £10K, BUT it is a holiday of a lifetime, but the normal cost would be at least £4-5K for us 🙁

  2. I totally hear you. We’re just the sam but with a family of 5 (3 kids makes it more difficult and expensive). We’ve started driving to the warmer parts of Europe and staying in 5* villa’s. It helps that we’re in the South East so driving to the Euro Tunnel isn’t far and we pay for the fast check in which is worth it’s weight in gold. We’ve decided to keep doing this as the girls are at an age when they are quite happy to stop of a look at things on the way. In a few years time they’ll just want to sit on a plane and go to the beach!

  3. We have yet to book any summer travel as it’s all up in the air as to where we would be living… If I were you, and if you feel brave enough then I would possibly just go for something last minute. Here in Munich we have great stands that you can just turn up at with a suitcase, let them know the kind of thing you fancy (and the rating) and off you go! Would love to do that! 🙂 PS. I miss those programmes too.

  4. I just can’t warrant the money it costs. I love holidays but the prices are ludicrous especially now the kids can’t be taken out of school!

  5. We have given up on holidays – now that we have to go in school holidays they are just too pricey – even for a UK caravan holiday you are looking at £700-800 – and for that amount of cash I expect more than a dank caravan in Devon! My daughter is off on an all inclusive with her mates in May and it has cost her under £300 for a week – the same hol to the same hotel in school hols is 3 times that. Crazy, and like you, we prob could afford it but I dont really feel it offers value for money – so we settle for short breaks and fab day trips instead!

  6. I wish holidays were more affordable. It’s doubly difficult for us because my husband is self-employed, so we pay for the holiday AND lose his income! At least our daughter is not yet school age, I only see things getting harder!

  7. You know I’d never noticed those programs had disappeared but now you mention it there is a gap in the market here. I used to love watching those shows.

    My parents watch the cruise channel which is similar but for cruises.

    I find the best way to score a decent value holiday is to get a late deal. We did it for our honeymoon. We saved up then went in and said “here’s our budget, we want to leave in the bext few days and we don’t care where we go”. 5 star all inclusive to Tunisia!

  8. I miss the holiday programmes too. I am always shocked by holiday prices – I don’t know who can afford to pay the bigger prices. Do they not go out at all apart from their holiday to afford it or is it all on the credit card?

  9. I always think the big name holiday companies charge over the odds when it comes to holidays, I have always booked everything separately and never spend a fortune. Although I do spend a lot of time searching out for the best place and prices! We are going away to Palma in an apartment that sleeps 4 which is costing £480 for 12 days including breakfast and our flights were £160 return which included all our extras. I do miss Wish You Were Here though, I used to love watching it! X

  10. You should watch Travel Man on Friday evening on channel four, it is brilliant! As a family of 6 holidays abroad are pretty much out of reach for us sadly – Hubby is desperate to go to Berlin so I looked for a weekend away for his birthday and nearly passed out at the price for just the two of us. I know friends who pay for holidays on credit cards and spend years paying it off, I just don’t see the point.
    We tend to book villa’s or cottages as it is a cheaper option – our holiday to France cost just £500 for 6 of us, including ferry so it can be done

  11. Prices are absolutely crazy nowadays! I’m with you though – when I was younger, you could always guarantee to see Wish You Were Here or Holiday on the TV. Where have they all gone now?

  12. I am always on eye with promo airfares and it does make me feel better if I got the best deal! So it needs really early booking for air fares or package tours to avoid those ridiculous prices. Safe holidays for you! 🙂

  13. I’ve been trying to book a holiday for my partner and I for July before the school holidays begin but even then the prices are ridiculous. So far out of my student budget

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