#HowMuchMeat campaign with Riverford (& a giveaway!)


I was recently contacted by Riverford about a new campaign they are running called #HowMuchMeat.

There is evidence to show that many of us eat more meat than is good for us and for the planet – and from my own point of view, I certainly believe that to be true. I’ll be the first to admit that in our household we’re heavy meat eaters, more worryingly we probably eat far too much of what I imagine is the worst kind of meat – processed meats like ham, sausages, bacon. I’m never going to be a vegetarian, I enjoy a nice steak or lamb shank way to much for that but I’m sure there are many ways in which I could change my diet to perhaps incorporate more veggie-based dishes into it, which to be fair, would be no hardship – veggies are delicious!

Apparently there has been a downward trend in UK meat consumption since the 1980’s and Riverford recently carried out their own research into the reasons why people are eating less meat.

Did you know?

  • 27% of the UK population is eating less meat today than a year ago
  • 56% of people have meat as part of their main meal
  • 7% are vegetarian

The reasons behind it are quite simple – a combination of animal welfare, sustainability concerns, financial considerations and the biggest factor of all – health concerns.

Riverford have always put vegetables first because they love them but they don’t just cater for vegetarians – something I think I was surprised about when I first got to know them as I was sure they were all about veg, but not so. Riverford might be flying the flag for vegetables but in in short, their belief is, if we’re going to eat meat, it should be better quality, eaten less often, in smaller quantities and with complete confidence that the animal has been treated respectfully.

Here, here!

I think that’s possibly something we should all try and live by.

The new Riverford new #HowMuchMeat campaign has been designed to encourage people to think more about their meat consumption and to perhaps drop a day of meat eating once week or perhaps think about how they can stretch their meat further.   They recently held a live debate on the subject and you can watch the short video below to find out more about the campaign, what it’s all about and why it was started.


As part of this campaign there are a ton of resources on the Riverfood website to help you which include


ramen mrs m

In order to help you on your way I have one of Riverford’s Vegetarian Recipe Boxes up for grabs.   This box will help you to create inspiring vegetarian meals – ideal for busy people looking for healthy, meat-free meal ideas. Everything you need to create 3 mouthwatering organic meals for two people is included in the box, meaning no waste, no missing ingredients and best of all – no stress!   To enter the giveaway, please use the widget below!

Riverford Veg Recipe Box


Good luck –  the winner will be drawn after April 30th 2016.

I’d love to hear your stories about eating less meat, so make sure to leave a comment below.

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209 Comments on “#HowMuchMeat campaign with Riverford (& a giveaway!)”

  1. Potatoes for me – they are so incredibly versatile. You can cook them in a variety of ways and they go amazing with any dish!

  2. I wanted to pick tomatoes but of course they are a fruit. So I have gone for green beans, in fact I love all green veggies.

  3. It’s a near impossible task to choose just one but there’s nothing quite like beetroot for it’s amazing sweetness 🙂 x

  4. It has to be the potato, King Edward especially 😉 Being half Irish and eating them almost daily it would be criminal to say any other vegetable xx

  5. In my opinion, the king of vegetables is onions. A versatile veg, it can be added to any dish to add lots of flavour.

  6. Mushrooms… Oh, and cabbage… And onion…. Can’t forget corn on the cob either… So many lush vegetables!

  7. Jerusalem artichokes, I really don’t understand why they aren’t more popular as they can be grown here too. I even read the wind problem is only because they contain FOS which is actually beneficial for gut bacteria and is only a problem initially.

  8. Broccoli for me too and luckily all my children love it too 🙂 Maybe because the amount I ate while I was pregnant to boost my iron levels, I’m actually surprised I didn’t give birth to green babies haha! 😉

  9. For me the king of vegetables would be butternut squash. I love it roasted and then mashed with garlic. We often eat butternut instead of potatoes.

  10. I would have to go for the potato because it is so versatile and can be cooked and used in many different ways which makes it taste differently every time.

  11. I would say the aubergine is king of the vegetables. It’s a regal purple colour, and it’s already got a sort of crown/hat. Also, it’s delicious.

  12. At the moment probably sweet potatoes, though I am also a massive broccoli fan and that comes a close second!

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