Meal Planning Monday (4th April 2016)

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Sorry for the radio silence, doesn’t time just fly by? No time for blogging – I keep thinking “I’ll do that tomorrow” and then it just never gets done. Argh. This working 5 days a week malarky certainly takes it out of you. Anyhow, the reason I’ve not been here for Meal Planning Monday is that I’ve been on my holibobs – totally off-grid and I mean totally but I plan to blog more about that this week (she says!).

I have meal planned for this week – and then I decided to diet. Oh man. I stepped on the scales yesterday morning and the one stone I thought I had to lose turned into two. Ouch.  I’m setting myself half-stone goals so I want to lose 7lbs in 3 weeks which I actually think is doable as the first lot normally come off quickly before slowing down to 1-2lb a week.   As I had already meal planned my this week isn’t that diet friendly but I am generally going to eat normal dinners (though slightly smaller portions) and cut out the daily crappy food – stop snacking between and after meals, no crisps, cakes, chocolate and more soups and salads instead of being stodgy sandwiches and toast for breakfast and lunch. The other big change is NO WINE. I probably have about 1-2 bottles per week – how many calories is that? I dread to think so I am switching to a slimline g’n’t when I fancy a tipple. If that doesn’t work? I’ll have to go in hard but small steps to start with as I hate dieting, and really enjoy my evening meal and cooking so don’t want to give that up.

Here’s my meal plan….

Roast chicken dinner
Southern-fried chicken wraps and rice
Creamy garlic and mushroom spaghetti
Bacon and new potato salad
Thai salmon
Chilli and rice

I don’t think it’s overly bad considering I wasn’t planning on dieting when I made the plan.

What is on your meal plan this week?

If you’re new… If you’re here because you’ve just stumbled across my blog today on Facebook or Twitter and you want to join in with Meal Planning Monday then jump right in – the more the merrier! The idea is simple – just write a blog post about your meal plans for the week and share by adding it to the Linky Tool widget below my signature. If you don’t have a blog it’s not a problem, just leave a comment telling us what you are eating.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #mealplanningmonday on Twitter and I’ll Retweet as many as I can!

Look forward to catching up with you and your blogs this week!

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