Scientifically proven ways to boost workplace productivity

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Productivity is the significant key to unlocking business growth. Many business managers are unaware of some of the simple improvements that they can make to improve productivity in their business. Simple changes could net the business thousands or millions of dollars in additional revenue and profits. Below are a few scientifically proven ways businesses can improve their productivity.

Expose working areas to natural light.

Exposure to natural light has positive effects on our brain and health. It triggers the circadian rhythm and improves the brain’s cognition, making people more alert and active. Businesses that have incorporated natural light into their buildings tend to have employees that are more productive and enjoy a better quality of life. Some of the ways businesses can introduce more natural light into their work environment includes:

  • Installing solar tubes
  • Installing skylights
  • Installing interior or exterior blinds.

Invest in a paint job that will improve the aesthetic appeal of the work environment.

Paint significantly impacts the aesthetic and cosmetic appeal of the work environment. Paint that uses light or bright colours that reflect natural light will improve the working ambiance for staff. Additionally, paint maintenance that keeps the work environment looking new will motivate employees to work harder in a fresh environment.

Minimise noise distractions.

There are some working environments that allow employees to thrive regardless of noise. This is usually the case with jobs that require physical labour. However, when it comes to jobs in an office environment and requires mental creativity; noise from music, chatter and other external or internal sources. Try to minimise noise by:

  • Choosing a work environment that is quiet.
  • Choosing not to play music while working.
  • Being seated away from social areas.

Give employees the opportunity to work in private workspaces.

It is easy to get distracted in the workplace from other colleagues or managers. Open plan offices have grown in popularity for collaborating, however it has also created an opportunity for other workers to distract productive staff by socialising during office hours. Ideally, workers should have their own office space so they can concentrate all of their energy on their work tasks so they can deliver good quality work as quickly as possible.

Maintain a good climate in the office.

The ideal temperature for an office should be between 21-23 degrees Celsius and the humidity between 20-60 percent. Offices that are too hot will have employees begging for fans and air conditioning. The minimum temperature workers should be exposed to is 13 degrees Celsius if they are conducting physical work.

Allow employees to take short breaks.

Some people believe that taking breaks is counterproductive when in fact it can boost productivity. Small breaks in moderation can yield more productivity among employees by allowing their minds to rest and for the employee to feel more refreshed before their next work stint. Allow employees to have smoko breaks or to chill out in breakout areas before returning to work.

Invest in an office location that attracts the best work talent.

There are workers and managers who can bring out the best in people. But you will only have the opportunity to leverage that if you attract the right pool of talent into your business. Having your office based in a popular CBD area like Melbourne or Sydney in Australia will allow your business to attract more talent than being based in Broome in Western Australia. The cost of having the office might be a bit more, but the productivity from a great talent pool will outweigh the costs over the long-term.

There are several ways to boost productivity for your business. Productivity yields more efficiency and profits. Review the operations of your business to see where you can start improving productivity today.

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