Still here….anyone else out there?


Is there anybody still out there?

To my absolute horror, I realised this week that it was nearly two months since I blogged – that is totally unheard of for me, I’ve been blogging on and off for years, and normally several times I week, however I’ve just totally lost my mojo recently. Of course, we can all agree that the middle of a heatwave is not exactly the ideal time to try and refind it but I  do need to get myself back into gear.

I have SO much to blog about so content is not the problem, it’s just been a basic lack of time and a distinct lack of energy at the end of a long working day – which is normally followed by an abundance of children’s activities, housework, personal admin etc. I used to have so much more spare time.  I miss my spare time. I miss watching TV!

That’s not to say I am not having any fun at the moment – we’ve been doing lots of fun stuff – it’s just that doesn’t leave a lot of time to sit in front of the computer, which I guess is the way it should be.  Life is for living.

“Work hard, play hard” pretty much sums up my life right now.

Truth is, recently I have also felt a little anxious about all sorts of stuff and my thoughts have been consumed by the bigger things like Brexit, terrorist attacks, the economy, the state of politics – all hugely important stuff but not stuff I want to start blogging about! It’s kind of felt like there were more important things out there to be worried about, which of course, there is.  Though I’ll be completely honest, and in recent days my attentions have switched to Pokemon GO and the #taylorswiftisover hashtag. (I never said I didn’t enjoy procrastination!).

I do need to regain my ‘release’ though, which is what blogging was/is for me.

If you’re still out there, reading, please do leave me a comment below, leave me a link to your latest blog post so I can go have a read, let me know what’s been going on with you so I can catch up. I’m so totally out of the loop!

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5 Comments on “Still here….anyone else out there?”

  1. I know what youmean about ‘ losing your mojo’ . I did too, but I’m slowly getting it back. But, hey, the sun is shining and it’s criminal to sit in front of a screen, enjoy the weather and have a happy summer.
    BTW, I love reading your blog and reviews.

  2. I’ve been spending more time away from the computer this summer as well. The weather here in the other London (Canada) has been hot and sunny. I try to spend more time outdoors than indoors (except when I’m stuck at work). My veggies gardens are doing well this year. So much depressing and terrifying news on TV and the internet that I’m trying not to watch much, especially the political stuff. Nice to see you blogging again though!

  3. I actually found your blogs, looking up stepford wives, I was cracking up how some women were getting SO serious about their position on SW’s, I’d love to purchase a book with the schedule, wardrobe ect…By the way, I am also Mrs. M, great blogs by the way. 🙂

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