Review: Jamie Oliver Super Food Family Classics


You know I love a cookbook, and I am also a bit of a Jamie Oliver fan so it’s stands to reason that I own each and every one of his books. I actually have an entire shelf dedicated to him in the kitchen.  I enjoy cooking his recipes so I was every excited to get my hands on a copy of one of his latest books.

Super Food Family Classics is the healthy-eating companion book to the hugely popular series “Jamie’s Super Food” which was shown on Channel 4 back in the summer. In this new book Jamie shows you how to freshen up your family favourites and expand your recipe repertoire to make your weekly menu something to shout about. There are ways to sneak in extra veg and ideas for no-arguments and no-fuss family dinners as well as some freezer-friendly ideas.

Every recipe is tried and tested, has clear and easy-to-understand nutritional information on the page, including the number of veg and fruit portions in each dish, plus there’s a bumper back-section packed with valuable advice on everything from cooking with kids and tackling fussy eaters, to good gut health, the importance of fibre, budgeting and of course, getting more of the good stuff into your family’s diet.

The book is split into several sections including Breakfast, Quick Fixes, Healthy Classics, Salads, Curries & Stews, Traybakes, Pasta & Risotto, Soups and Kitchen Hacks. As always, I like to settle down for a read through and make a list of things I want to try and for your viewing pleasure here it is.

Breakfast –
Pineapple pancake mess with yoghurt, coconut, cashews and lime
English breakfast frittata with bacon, mushrooms, spuds and tomatoes

Quick Fixes –
Sri Lankan prawn curry with tamarind, baby corn and pineapple rice
Creamy chopped salad with grapes, tarragon, chicken and croutons
Sesame butterflied chicken with peanut sauce, asian slaw and rice noodles

Healthy Classics –
Smoky veggie chilli with sweet gem and cheesy jacket spuds
Sweet potato fishcakes with chopped salad, feta and red pepper salsa

Salads –
Tandoori chicken salad with minty yoghurt dressing and poppadoms

Curries and Stews –
Baked tarka daal with cauliflower, split peas and chapatti
Balinese chicken curry with purple kale rice, chilli and lemongrass

Traybakes – 
Mango teriyaki salmon with brown rice and chilli cucumber pickle

Pasta and Risotto – 
Scruffy winter lasagne, savoy cabbage and creamy chicken stew
Garlic mushroom pasta, creamy thyme and truffle sauce
Sausage pasta, broccoli, chilli and sweet tomatoes

Soups –
Super leek and potato soup, herb parmesan and almond toasts

Kitchen Hacks –
Batch mince meat ragu, loadsa veg, beans and sun dried tomatoes

There are lots of lovely things to make in this book though not a lot that my fussy 9 year old will eat, even though it’s a family cookbook. I find that cookbooks don’t often cater to the fact that some children have food issues. Lots of nice ideas, but not always practical for many families. I’ll definitely be trying a few of the things listed though for the other 3/4 of the household!

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