Review: Nostalgic Delights by William Curley


I was recently sent a copy of a book called Nostalgic Delights: Classic Confections and Timeless Treats which is written by William Curley.

In this book William Curley, who is an award-winning chocolatier, aims to recreate childhood memories and times gone, taking classic recipes and modernising them with his own, unique creations.  The idea was to produce a book where the reader can create classics at home and evoke their own nostalgic memories.  William’s ethos centres around using the best ingredients and techniques available, while making his recipes accessible to home cooks – some of the recipes are very simple to make with minimal ingredients.

I don’t often make sweets and desserts but I do love eating them and I am game to give anything a try so was interested to have a flick through this book and see what I might like to make. I’m also very nostalgic about food and I love retro recipes and cooking so it sounded right up my street.

This is a lovely book, jam packed with over 256 pages of recipes complete with stunning photos – step by step photos where necessary which is really helpful.  It’s safe to say this isn’t really a book aimed at complete novices – there are quite a few skills and challenging techniques to master but it’s all part of the fun!

The book is split into several sections as follows: Chocolate Confectionery, Bakery Favourites, Patisserie Modern Classics, Ice Cream and Gateau, Afternoon Treats, Frivolities. Lets take a look at things I might like to attempt (ignoring the fact that some might be way out of my capability!)

Chocolate Confectionery –
Cinder Toffee
Marzipan Orange Bar

Bakery Favourites –
Fruits of the Forest Tart
Chocolate Cherry Bakewells
Bee Sting

Patisserie Modern Classics – 
Black Forest Gateau
Charlotte Royale
Strawberry Shortcake

Ice Cream and Gateau –
Bounty Ice Cream Bar

Afternoon Treats – 
Rout Biscuits
Viennese Whirls
Arlette Biscuits

Frivolities – 
Cherry Drops

We should probably be straight up here – there’s no chance of me making a Charlotte Royale. I saw them do it on Great British Bake Off a few years ago. It looked way too fiddly, but lets just pretend. I’d like to eat it at the very least!

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