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Anyone who knows me will probably know that I am quite partial to a gin or three, so when I was asked to review a recent addition to the 31DOVER,com website I was hardly going to say no!

Who are Only the UK’s leading online drinks vendor. They stock the best drinks (and there are some really excellent brands stocked) at the best prices and deliver them right to your doorstep the next day.

The offer of free gin (even the words make me happy…) actually came at exactly the right time as I had run clean out of gin. I know! How does such a thing happen? Clearly a massive oversight on my part but never mind, because 31Dover provided me with a lovely bottle of Willem Barentsz Premium Gin which I have to also add was beautifully presented in an uber stylish matt black gift box.


Now this isn’t my first experience with Willem Barentsz but lets not let that get in the way of some much needed gin-tasting shall we?  First up, lets hear a bit more about Willem Barentsz gin, which is named after the Dutch Artic explorer of the same name.

Willem Barentsz London Gin apparently boasts an exotic but delicate balance of botanicals sourced from the far ends of the world, enhanced with the signature botanical of jasmine flower and combined with a classic mix of juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, orange peel, almond, liquorice, cassia bark and orris root.

I decided to try this gin with my favourite mixer, Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic (which incidentally is also stocked at though I picked it up at my local Co-op). Honestly, I have turned into such a gin and tonic snob, it’s untrue. I used to believe that all gins and all tonics were created equally. Then I discovered craft gin and premium tonic and I have never looked back. This Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic just transforms your G’n’T.


This gin has a really smooth flavour, that was something Mr M commented on and he’s hardly a gin aficionado, but it really has, and with the elderflower tonic and a garnish of pink grapefruit it is nothing short of divine. I imagine, of course, you could use this in all manner of cocktails but I honestly feel like a good gin is wasted in a cocktail – enjoy it simply over ice or with premium tonic and you’re onto a winner!

We absolutely adored this gin and at £32.95 for a 70cl bottle I’d say it was a mid-range price for a premium gin.  Would I buy it? Yes I would. Would I buy from in the future? Again, yes I would – especially for a present as I was totally won over by the presentation of the gift!

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