If you could only keep one cookbook…


…..what would it be?

Now, asking that question to someone like me, who has almost 500 books in her collection is tiny a bit cruel. I mean, how can I be expected to pick a favourite when there are just SO many good ones in my collection?

There are so many books that I love and many that are well-used (the two aren’t mutually exclusive for me – some I just like to read. Cookbook addicts will know what I’m talking about!) I mean, I pretty much adore anything from Jamie Oliver – his Ministry of Food book is perfect for anyone just starting out in the world of cooking and Gino D’Acampo’s books, well they are my favourite go-to for Italian meals. I’m also a fan of the Hairy Bikers and a spot of Nigella every now and again but when it comes to picking just one book FOREVER? It’s a really tough decision but I’m going to have to go with more of a simple classic – one that covers all bases.

Enter Mary Berry.


Mary Berry’s Complete Cookbook has everything you need.

This no-nonsense book contains over 1000 recipes for just about every occasion from adventurous dinner party dishes to firm family favourites this book is one for everyone from absolute beginners to competent cooks.  The recipes are easy to follow and include time-saving tips and there’s a whole heap of information on the general basics such as how to freeze, food safety and tips for flavouring and spices.    It is really well laid out and the pictures are great – always my bugbear in cookbooks – I need good clear pictures of recipes!

This is the book I would furnish my children with when they leave home!

Of course there are similar books out there that would also fit the bill – my hefty Good Housekeeping tome would come a close second and is very well thumbed. In fact I have a few versions from different years!

So over to you – if you could only keep one cookbook, which one would you keep and why?


3 Comments on “If you could only keep one cookbook…”

  1. I love my 1970s Good Housekeeping book. It’s the one that my mum had when I was growing up. I “borrowed” hers for a while then found one in a second hand bookshop when she demanded hers back!

  2. Oh! So hard to choose! But my favourite (and this is quite definitely a biased choice!) is a cookbook that was made by parents helping out in my school to help raise funds for charity! The recipes are nowhere near as refined as most cookbooks, but there’s a lovely authenticity to every recipe! It’s almost like every recipe in the book is a secret family recipe for one person or another!

  3. I also love cookbooks from Jamie Oliver. But if I must choose only one to keep than that would be the old cookbook that my grandma gave me. It’s Croatian cookbook with old traditional croatian dishes. I love finding inspiration for my recipes in that old cookbook. Btw that cookbook is older than me hehe so it’s really a special feeling holding it in hands.

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