Celebrating Easter with Tala

Spring is in the air and brings with it the Easter festival – a long holiday weekend, family get togethers, delicious food and a not to mention a celebration of all things chocolate! With over 100 years of experience, British kitchen and baking expert Tala has everything you need to make your Easter perfect.

Baking Fun! 

What better time than Easter to bring out your baking kit and bake some glorious Springtime treats for the family! Tala is one of Britain’s best loved baking brands and a true expert, with products to guide you through both your baking and that all important decorating!

For easy preparation, why not treat yourself to one of the gorgeous Tala Stoneware Mixing Bowls. Made with the finest quality stoneware and with a beautiful embossed design around the sides, these bowls are a must for anyone passionate about their kitchen and their cooking. Choose between four gorgeous colour choices of red, pistachio, blue or classic cream, in 24cm or 30cm sizes.

The iconic Tala Cook’s Dry Measure enables you to simply pour your ingredients up to the desired level for speed and accuracy without using weighing scales. Calibrated in both metric and imperial, it makes it easy to follow any recipe, be it British or American, modern or an old family favourite. In fact, the Tala Cook’s Dry Measure has been handmade in Britain on the same machinery since the 1920’s, and is as popular with cooks today as it was with our grandparents!

Every baker will know that the key to a light and airy sponge is to finely sieve your flour, and the more you sieve, the better! The Tala Flour Sifter will ensure your sieving is easy and mess free – simply tip in your flour straight from your Cook’s Measure and the close wire mesh will ensure fine airy flour.

The Tala Performance Bakeware range has something for every Easter bake, whether it’s a two tier showstopper, an individual madeleine or a tray of spiced Easter biscuits. The superior non-stick surface ensures no baked on ingredients, at the same time as providing excellent heat distribution for an even bake. The range consists of over 50 pieces and comes with a ten year guarantee. It is ovenproof to 240?C as well as being fridge, freezer and dishwasher safe.

Did somebody mention Easter biscuits?! Use the Tala Quick Revolving Rolling Pin to quickly and effortlessly roll out your dough and these Tala Crinkled Pastry Cutters will give you that lovely rustic but consistent finish. Finished by hand in Liverpool, England, they are one of Tala’s original and most popular products, having been produced on the same machinery since the 1920s.

Another long standing Tala favourite is the Tala Queen Icing Set, which will quickly become one of your favourite baking items. It includes washable icing and piping bags, a coupler, three icing nozzles and three meringue nozzles, plus an icing booklet that reveals all Tala’s tips for expertly decorated cakes and bakes! The choice of six stainless steel nozzles can be swopped easily for different and professional icing effects and will last you a lifetime.

The Set of 3 Spatulas is a new addition to the Tala icing range. Including a flat, angled and tapered end spatula, these little tools and are perfect for smoothing butter icing and for handling delicate cake decorations.

For some Easter fun with the kids, why not let them loose with their own mini Tala FSC Beechwood Kids Baking Set, comprising mini rolling pin, chopping board, spatula, spoon and brush, then set them to work on the Tala Silicone Easter Egg and Easter Shape Moulds. The moulds can create bunny, egg or chick shaped chocolates – a simple and fun way to decorate your Easter cakes and cupcakes.

The Tala Silicone Moulds are non-stick and flexible for easy release, and the Tala Flexible Cake Server is the ideal implement to gently cut and lift your creations with ease!

Finally, whether you are transporting your goodies or would like to make them into a pretty homemade gift, Tala’s range of Gift Bags and Cake Boxes will set them off beautifully!

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