Forget Halloween, it’s all about the Day of the Dead!

Day of the Dead – This Mexican feast and festival to celebrate the deceased (rather than run away from them like with Halloween) is gathering a global following. Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) is now celebrated in Mexico and around the world, October 31st to November 2nd and involves honouring the dead with sugar skulls, marigolds and great food and drink.

Traditionally people would visit graves of loved ones with these as gifts, but modern times have made way for the theme being popular instead of Halloween parties. So, fillthis time of year with Latin spirit, a splash of lime, sprinkling of chilli and a whole pile of Mexican-inspired tortilla chips and recipes from Manomasa to make your Day Of The Dead feast authentic and one to remember.  These tantalising, totally tasty recipes will take you to the back streets of Mexico, filling your senses.

Manomasa’s adventurous tortillas chips are naturally gluten free and most are suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

Gin Martini with Honey Dew Balls and Rosemary Served with Manomasa Manchego & Green Olive Tortilla Chips


120ml Gin

10ml Dry Vermouth
2 sprigs of rosemary
2 pieces of lemon zest about 2cm each
6 Honey Dew melon balls
2 martini glasses
2 cocktail skewers
Ice and cocktail shaker


Add a handful of ice to a shaker, pour in gin and vermouth and shake vigorously.

Bruise the rosemary sprigs a little by rubbing them between your hands and rub them inside glasses, then rub the zest around the rim of glass and drop in glass.

Skewer the melons on the cocktail sticks and place in glasses.

Divide the martini between the glasses and add the cocktail sticks. Serve with Manchego & Green Olive Tortilla Chips.

The Manomasa Story

Manomasa is the result of a lightbulb moment, whilst sitting at the bar of a bustling Mexican taqueria scooping zesty, fresh salsa onto perfectly hot, crunchy totopos.  It was that moment that they decided to put their masa where their mouth is and bring the colour, flavour and excitement of a global street food home to the UK.

Manomasa sources ingredients from all around the world to make unique flavour combinations that are seriously scoopable.

What is Masa?

Traditional Mexican ‘masa harina’ is a gluten-free flour made from finely ground corn or corn meal. In Mexico, masa harina is widely used for making tortillas, tamales and many other Central and South American favourites.  For Manomasa, it’s the only way to make real tortilla chips.

For more flavour-punching Manomasa recipes, go to:

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