5 great things to do with broccoli…


Along with approximately 99.93353353% of the UK population, right now I am trying to eat a little healthier. Some days go better than others, but so far I am doing okay. One thing that always gets me through a period of healthy eating is my love for broccoli. I could eat in any which way at any given time of day.

Seriously. If you don’t love broccoli, what is wrong with you?

Apart from being flipping delicious, it’s also very good for you.  It’s a great sauce of both fibre and protein and contains iron, potassium, calcium, selenium and magnesium as well as vitamins A, C, E, K and those all-important B vitamins including folic acid. There have also been various studies that have found that eating vegetables like broccoli can help reduce the risk of heart disease and decrease the risk of age-related eye disorders.

But do you know what? Aside from all that goodness the best reason to eat it is that it tastes great and is very versatile!

So today I thought I would share some of my favourite ways of eating this wonderous little nugget. These are not all my recipes, just ones that I have tried and enjoyed!

If you’re looking to inject a bit more green into your life, why not give them a try?

Slow-cooked Beef and Broccoli from At Home With Mrs M

Magic Broccoli from Recipe Tin Eats

Sausage and Broccoli Pasta from BBC Good Food

The Best Cauliflower and Broccoli Cheese from Jamie Oliver

Chilli Beef and Broccoli Stirfry from At Home With Mrs M

Not all particularly healthy, but all very tasty!

Where do you sit on the broccoli side of the fence – love it or hate it?!

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