Top 5 most romantic songs of all time to listen to when you are alone

According to scientists, the first human songs were written about or because of love. Nowadays, modern artists still write songs about it. Some of them represent happiness, some express doubts, and some are all about sadness. In short, artists try to transfer all their emotions that they have been feeling to their real or imaginary lovers for decades. Dim the light, light the candles, and who knows, maybe one of these melodies will help two hearts find each other. This will feel magnificent if you do that in a log house near a lake. It is especially easy to do if you date a Canadian woman.

1. Elvis Presley – “Love Me Tender” (1956) 

The roots of the charming melody, which today is associated exclusively with the era of rock and roll, go back to the Civil War in the United States, but its prototype “Aura Lee” is almost forgotten. But the version of Elvis Presley is a hit for all time. When the singer performed “Love Me Tender” on The Ed Sullivan Show on September 1956, the very next day its publishers received a million pre-orders for the record. Quiet chords of an acoustic guitar, a simple melody plus artistic magic of Elvis, and the world received one of the most soulful love ballads of all time.

2. The Beach Boys – “God Only Knows” (1966)

When Brian Wilson for the band after the tour composed songs, his music looked bizarre but beautiful. Now it is recognized as a classic of the 20th century. The love song “God Only Knows” with its unexpected chords, touching lyrics, and dreamy atmosphere made a mini-revolution. Since 1966, the ballad has been sung countless times, and Paul McCartney called “God Only Knows” the greatest song ever written. A solid compliment from the unsurpassed master of the love song.

3. The Beatles – “Something” (1969)

John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote dozens of love songs, but by 1969, George Harrison had stepped out of the shadow of his bandmates and created a masterpiece of all time. The first line of “Something” was borrowed from the name of James Taylor’s song “Something in The Way She Moves,” but the “Quiet Beatle” created an original and harmonious dedication to his then-wife Patti which captivates from the first seconds. “Something” made their last recorded album Abbey Road more elegant and beautiful. But unfortunately, Patti eventually went to Eric Clapton anyway, which gave the song a hue of bitterness and lost hope.

4. Stevie Wonder – “I Just Called to Say I Love You” (1984)

Music prodigy and nugget Stevie Wonder used to record awesome funk albums in the 70s, but a huge world success awaited him in the middle of the next decade when the song “I Just Called to Say I Love You” conquered the world charts. Sugar melody, synthesizer arrangement, lyrics with a simple refrain “I just called to say that I love you” disappointed many fans of Stevie Wonder’s earlier works, but years later, the most commercially successful single of the genius looks like an outlandish and attractive artifact from a happy past.

5. Whitney Houston – “I Will Always Love You” (1992)

In 1992, there was no louder hit than “I Will Always Love You” performed by Whitney Houston. The penetrating soul ballad which entered the soundtrack for the film “The Bodyguard” won many awards, including a Grammy for the best recording of the year and the best female pop vocals. But the song itself was much older than is commonly believed. The famous country singer Dolly Parton wrote and released “I Will Always Love You” back in 1974. There was no misunderstanding between the two performers of the same hit. Whitney Houston thanked her predecessor for the wonderful song, and Dolly Parton was glad that the new version gave her creation a new life and the fame of the masses.

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