Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list these days, right? Well here is mine – the list of things that I’d like to do before I kick the bucket.

It’s an ever-expanding and ever-so-slightly random list of things I would like to achieve, see, do, make and experience in my life. Some of the things on my bucket list should be easy, and it’s just a case of me getting myself motivated to get on with them and some will be slightly harder and even impossible, but shoot for the moon and even if you miss you’ll land among the stars, or so they say.

1.   Have a book published

2.   Swim with a dolphin

3.   Learn to swim (ahem)

4.   Attend dance classes (achieved January 2017)

5.   Own a pair of sequinned leggings (achieved January 2012)

6.   Read the entire Roald Dahl collection with my daughter (achieved September 2014)

7.   Run a 5k race (achieved June 2016)

6.   Go to a Greek island

7.   Witness the birth of a baby

8.   Go deep-sea fishing

9.   Learn conversational Spanish

10. Learn to play an instrument

11. Go on a cruise

12. See the Northern Lights

13. Visit the Everglades (achieved April 2017)

14. Go to Pompeii

15. Visit Auschwitz

16. Go to Pearl Harbour

17. Grow roses in my garden successfully.

18. Learn to prune fruit trees, properly

19. Have a greenhouse (achieved March 2012)

20. Grow a giant pumpkin

21. Have afternoon tea at a posh venue (achieved October 2014)

22. Own a vintage Fiat 500

23. Fly first class

24. Own some jewellery from Tiffany & Co

25. Buy a telescope and go star-gazing

26. See The Killers live (again)(achieved August 2012 & October2012) 

27. Shake hands with a major Royal Family member

28. Hold a monkey

29. Write a letter to my children now, to be opened on their 18th birthdays, just in case

30. Go to a Michelin star restaurant for dinner

31. Visit Disneyworld at Christmas

32. Have a fish pedicure

33. Cut my hair short

34. Go to a music festival (achieved August 2012)

35. See Phantom of the Opera(achieved August 2013)

36. Take the children camping (achieved June 2012)

37. Visit Hampton Court Palace

38. Go to Alcatraz  (achieved August 2018)

39. Make a really big snowman (achieved December 2017)

40. Make a gingerbread house

41. Have Christmas on the beach

42. Own a holiday home

43. Master the art of contact lenses

44. Eat a footlong sub from Subway

45. Own an iPad (achieved October 2012)

46. Go to a European F1 Grand Prix

47. Buy a Fortnum & Mason picnic hamper

48. Start a history degree

49. Take a creative writing course

50. Read all the Harry Potter books

51. Find the PERFECT red dress

52. Climb a mountain

53. Take my son on a steam train (achieved December 2012)

54. Go on a “Jack the Ripper” tour

55. See a meteor shower

56. Find something I am good at

57. Finally move my blog to self-hosted WordPress (achieved June 2014)

58. Be a member of the audience on a top TV show

59. Create my own family history website

60. Turn all my vinyl into MP3 files (achieved October 2012)

61. Have dinner at the Grand Floridian at Disneyworld (achieved August 2014)

62. Go to a Battle of Britain Memorial Flight display (achieved September 2014)

63. Stand on Chesil Beach with my children

64. Take the children crabbing at Walberswick (achieved May 2013)

65. Visit Bronte country  (achieved February 2016)

66. Go cockle-picking in Poole Harbour at sunset (achieved July 2016)

67. Grow my own mistletoe

68. Stay in the hotel on Burgh Island

69. Take my children on a cliff railway

70. Successfully grow a watermelon

71. Meet up with an old friend (achieved April 2014)

72. Buy a VW campervan (achieved April 2012)

73. Amend my will to leave a legacy to RNLI

74. Go to the south of France (achieved August 2013)

75. Make a hot water crust pastry pie

76. See a lamb being born (achieved December 2014)

77. See Les Mis on stage (achieved November 2013)

78. Learn conversational Italian

79. Go to NYC again (achieved May 2014)

80. Take my daughter to see a West End Show (achieved January 2014)

81. Go to Sardinia

82. Obtain a Digital Marketing qualification (achieved February 2015)

83. Learn how to make perfect meringue (achieved April 2018)

84. Visit Venice (achieved August 2015)

85. Camp on the Isle of Wight

Clearly this is not an exhaustive list, and it’s one I will be constantly adding to. I’ll also revisit it from time to time to update it with my progress.

Feel free to share your own bucket lists with me!

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