My Top 5 Strictly dances ever!


I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it on this here blog, but I am a huge Strictly Come Dancing fan, like massive. I watch it religiously every week – if I should have to miss the Saturday night show (because, I do have a social life) I look forward to a lovely Sunday on the sofa catching up before the results show in the evening.

I love the celebs, I love the pros. Heck, I am even loving Ed Balls! Yes, I know, better dancers are being sent home but at the end of the day, it’s an entertainment show and nobody can deny, he’s entertaining. I suspect his time is running out but well done him. He’s given it a good go, even though he knew that he would be the comedy act. I think he’s done himself proud and I think it’s done his public persona a world of good!

Today, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite dances of seasons past.  These are in no particular order…

Georgia May Foote and Giovanni Pernice dancing the Charleston to Hot Honey Rag from Chicago. I adore a good Charleston. If I could learn to dance any routine it would be to a Charleston. And I also love Chicago. WIN WIN. This was a truly awesome routine, which I saw performed live last year on the tour. That lift was breathtaking. This is possibly my all-time favourite dance of Strictly so far…

When Abbey Clancy joined Strictly a few years ago, I fully expected the hate her. I just thought she was another dull footballers wife. How wrong was I? She came across a lovely person, a fantastic dancer and she’s just damn beautiful too. I fell in love with her. Saturday Night Fever is one of my favourite films so I loved this disco-inspired Salsa. Amazing!

We won’t talk about how Kevin always gets the good dancers and how much of a favourite of the show he seems to be…I’ve never been a fan of a nice boy, but I flipping love Wicked, so this touched the spot with me! A great Tango to Defying Gravity.

I didn’t start off loving Jay, though I’ve always liked Aliona but this Jive? WOW. Was so impressive and so fast when I saw it performed on the tour, incredible. Deserved winners if you ask me! Jay always seemed so quiet and shy but this dance showed off his ability. They had such chemistry. Could watch this over and over again.

Last but not least, I’m sticking in another Charleston, this time from Caroline Flack and Pasha Kovalev This was my favourite ever Charleston right up until last year when Georgia did hers but this is still a good’un.

Before I go, I also want to give a special mention to my favourite of the current series so far. I absolutely love this one. I won’t profess to know much about Danny Mac other than he’s in Hollyoaks (which I used to love back in the day but you know, I’m OLD now…) but wow, that boy can dance, and it doesn’t do any harm that he’s rather easy on the eye. This dance just took my breath away. I think Oti is beautiful too and such a talented dancer, fast becoming my favourite Pro.

What do you think?

Are you a Strictly fan? Any of your favourites here? Leave me a comment below and let me know what would make your list!

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My Perfect Night In

I often get asked to write about lots of different topics, some are easy to write about, others a little more taxing. When I was recently asked by Sainsburys to describe what my perfect night in would be I knew that this one would be one that was easy to cover. I really didn’t need to think long and hard about this at all.

As much as I love my husband and my children, and of course I relish spending lots of quality time with them, I am going to be completely open and honest and tell you that my all-time perfect night in would be one spent with my amazingly awesome best friend. We always have the most incredible fun and it’s even better if the night in is at her house as she currently lives on her own – so to go and spend a night in at her house is pretty much as close to blissful as you’re going to get.


There are several important factors to our girly nights in. These are standard components and never change. Ever. Our perfect night in always consists of wine, cheese, crisps and chocolate.

And one other thing that is crucial to the night is a cheesy film, preferably one with some singing or dancing in it. This is perfect. I mean, it even has perfect in the title so it couldn’t be more perfect. I mean it’s true nothing makes a woman feel more like a girl than a man who sings like a boy.


The night usually ends at about 2am, after much giggling, watching of cat videos on YouTube and making spontaneous random internet purchases that we slowly remember and live to regret over cups of tea in the morning. Did I mention that these awesome nights in are also sleepovers?

Yes, it’s childish. Yes, it’s not sophisticated. But who cares? After a night in with my best friend laughing and putting the world to rights with crazy rants I feel happy, relaxed and rejuvenated. For one night and one night only, I’m not a mum and a wife. I don’t have work and school hassles. Nobody is expecting anything of me. I’m just me. Me at my most carefree and craziest and it feels so very good.

To me, that is an a great result from the perfect night in.

What would be yours?

Sainsburys would also love to hear about YOUR perfect night in and they’re currently running a competition where you could win a 40″ HDTV, £250 of Sainsbury’s vouchers and 10 DVDs. All you have to do is complete the form and tell them what your perfect night in involves. Why not head over to their website to tell them all about what would make your perfect night in and grab yourself the chance to win a fabulous prize?

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Disclosure: In return for promotion the Sainsburys competition I was sent some gift vouchers and DVDs. All words and opinions contained in this post are my own.

Image credit: Wine By Quinn Dombrowski (originally posted to Flickr as Wine) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Films on Friday – Week 2

films on friday copy

So last week saw my first ever Films on Friday.

It wasn’t exactly a rip-roaring success from the point of people joining in but a couple of you did and I thank you very much. I very much enjoy talking about films so I am going to continue.

This week the theme is


Doesn’t have to be a film about an actual school per se but could be a film that is primarily set in a school.  Anything that fits in the theme of “school”, feel free to be as creative as you like.

I am going with…

Mean Girls.


I am such a teenage girl at heart.

I love this film and pretty much know it word for word – I am not sure what that says about me. Let’s move on.

Don’t American high schools just look the best? I mean aside from the whole “mean girl” aspect. You can pretty much think of someone from your own school that fits each character stereotype in this films, proving that all schools are the same. There are certain people that fit into certain roles. And I am sure we all know which one we would have been.

It doesn’t matter how many times I watch it, I never get bored and I totally crave being back at school. I was one of those crazy types who loved school – but not for the education, for the social life. I’d go back in a heartbeat! I’m almost jealous that my children have so much of their school life yet to experience and I hope they enjoy it as much as I did.

Now I would love to hear about yours if you would care to share? There are no rules. Just write about a film that either makes you think of summer or features summer in it and remember to link up your post if you do!

Have a great weekend guys!

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Films on Friday – Week 1

films on friday copy

Good morning and welcome to my new feature – Films on Friday.

I love films. I love watching them, I love reading about them on IMDB, quoting them, I adore soundtracks…I just love everything about films so I thought it might be fun to start a regular series on my blog.

The idea behind the series is quite simple. I am going to pick a theme or word/phrase and then choose a film that I love that best represents that theme for me.

I am kind of hoping that some of you guys might want to join in with this post and for that reason I’ve made it a Linky. I’d love to see others talking about the films they love and hopefully I might discover new ones to watch!  There’s no pressure, it doesn’t have to be high-brow, you’ll realise that from my film choices. Ha! I have the world’s worst film taste in the world but I don’t care.

Does that sound like fun? I hope so! Shall I get started with the first theme?


So films with a summer theme, seems quite apt, though probably a bit of bad timing given the weather forecast for the weekend. I’ve chosen the first film that came into my head which is….

Mamma Mia.

A bit of a marmite film I think? But one I happen to love! It makes me yearn to spend a lazy summer on a hot sun-scorched Greece island. I love it and the children love it and we listen to the soundtrack A LOT.

Film Title: Mamma Mia!

The first song, Honey Honey, I can never keep my eye of the glistening blue sea behind Sophie. The whole place looks absolutely perfect and in fact the whole film just has a great summer vibe. From the fooling around on the beach to the beautiful outdoor wedding reception – it’s the stuff of dreams.

Can you believe I actually took my husband to see Mamma Mia at the cinema? He’s a good man isn’t he? He definitely came through for me there! We saw it whilst on a weekend away in Liverpool (we were going to see Michael Buble – double brownie points for Mr M) and it was the first time I have been to the cinema and wanted to slaughter everyone in there. Now I don’t know if that’s just how they do in Liverpool but everyone and I mean EVERYONE talked the entire way through the film. I felt more than a little stabby when I came out, let me tell you!

So that’s my choice of summer film.

Now I would love to hear about yours if you would care to share? There are no rules. Just write about a film that either makes you think of summer or features summer in it and remember to link up your post if you do!

Have a great weekend guys!

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Reasons to love American Hustle

A couple of weeks ago now I went to see American Hustle at the cinema with one of my girlfriends. I thought I was going to love this film and I did, completely. I’ve read mixed reviews about it – some are glowing, some are scathing. Ever think people takes things too seriously some times?

This is a great film and very entertaining – you can watch the trailers here and here.  The second trailer shows a bit more of the storyline but the first one captures the essence of the film. I’m going to go back for a second watch this weekend with the husband as I think he will enjoy it too. Well, he’ll definitely enjoy all the side boob action that Amy Adams so kindly delivers!

I love his film for many reasons and here’s just a few of them;
Bradley Cooper’s hair. It deserves an Oscar itself. Those curls. That’s suffering for your art.
Dedication to the job? Christian Bale was unrecognisable after putting on a whole heap of weight for this film. I’ve never really liked Christian Bale but kudos to him.
The soundtrack is AWESOME. Donna Summer, Harold & the Bluenotes, The BeeGees, Tom Jones, Elton John & Wings. All complete classic tracks. The Long Black Road by ELO sums the whole film up for me.
Jennifer Lawrence is just fabulous as the little bit manic-crazy Rosalyn Rosenfold. There’s a particularly awesome scene set to Live and Let Die. Rosalyn is a great character and she plays it so well.
The fashion, oh the fashion. I have a little bit of a 70’s obsession and watching this film has not helped it in any way. I’m not coveting disco frocks, fur coats, plunging necklines, big hats and even bigger hair.

Plus there’s a cameo from Robert De Niro as, what else? A scary mobster! Yes it’s been compared to Goodfellas but who cares? Where else do you see Bradley Cooper wearing rollers? I thought this film rocked!

Have you seen American Hustle? Would love to hear what you thought?