You give me Fever!

Well Fever Designs dresses give me Fever. I’m sure I’ve written about my love for them before (yes, I have here and here). I’m a big fan of their vintage and classic styling and many of their dresses have found their way into my wardrobe over the past couple of years.  I often get nice comments on the dresses and I look forward to the new collections coming out each season.

This year I was invited to view the new collection at the season preview down at their flagship store in London. Alas I was in Italy on holiday (no real hardship!) and couldn’t attend but they did very kindly send me a dress of my choosing, which was this one, the Erika dress.

It’s a fit and flare dress and SO very flattering. I got it in a size 10 even though I’m a few lbs over what I should be at the moment (story of my life…) but it fits perfectly. I have big winter plans for this dress. The colour is “Tartan Pink” and it does have a very subtle tartan pattern with the colours being pink and a kind of taupe colour. I think it’s going to work very well with my brown leather boots and I’m now badly eyeing up the suggested Bray Cardigan in Port to go with it! 

It was a really hard decision to narrow my choice down to one dress, so allow me to indulge myself and show you some of my other favourites from the new A/W 2013 collection. If you’re as much of a dress fiend as I am, you’re going to love them! 

The Monroe Empire dress was my second choice. It’s another dress that looks highly flattering, I can’t resist the gorgeous prom style skirt and the deep v neckline. I wouldn’t be surprised if this found it’s way into my wardrobe.

I, in no way, have the figure to carry off the Bloomsbury dress but that doesn’t stop me loving it. It’s very chic and stylish and reminds me a little bit of a Victoria Beckham style dress. It would be a lovely glam look for the office if only I had a small waist and less boobs!

The same goes for the Clerkenwell dress really, I’m not sure right now it would do me many favours but I do have the desire to get back into shape so I can work one of these. I think the longer length sleeves would be nice for my bingo wings and I love the asymmetric neckline which adds an interesting detail to the dress.

Finally, the Giraffe dress. I love a quirky print on a dress and I think this is fab. It’s another fit and flare style dress so uber flattering and it’s fun at the same time – which is how clothes should be right?

What do you think, seen anything you like?

Thanks to Fever Designs for sending me the incredible Erika dress which I shall get many years of enjoyment out of as it’s such a classic style, and well done on what might be my favourite collection from Fever Designs ever!

Today I am mainly lusting over…

…the new Autumn/Winter collection from Fever Designs. (This is not a sponsored post, I just *heart* them a lot! So there!).

Man, I wish I had more money right now. I think I’ve chatted on here before now about how much I love Fever Designs. They’re one of my favourite clothing brands and I have quite a collection building up. Of course it’s nowhere near as extensive as the collection the fabulous Roisin has, but I am working on it.

I love dresses, don’t you? Just putting one on makes me feel very girly and better about myself, I never rarely feel frumpy or scruffy in a dress, even if I’m just chucking it on with leggings and pumps. I’ve generally only bought dresses and coats from Fever but have found myself lusting over skirts and tops this time too. This can only mean one thing – my bank balance is going to take a serious battering.

As I am window-shopping this morning I thought I’d share some of my favourite items from their new collection. It’s unlikely (highly unlikely) that I can afford to buy them all so right now I am just day dreaming.

I don’t normally do blue (I don’t know why!) but I think this is really pretty.
Loved this as soon as I saw it. What will it go with? Probably nothing I own but who cares. Going to put it on my Christmas list!
This is just gorgeous and would be perfect with jeans and heels on a night out. This is a definite.
This dress is a bit out of my budget but I adore the colour. I don’t really have anywhere to wear it to – I need someone to get married, pronto.
This is my absolute favourite piece and the one I will be buying immediately! I would also get the bustier dress if I were a tiny bit slimmer. Feeling a bit plump at the moment so might wait until I’ve lost a few pounds!

Now summer is seemingly over I’m looking forward to shopping for the new seasons clothes! One of my favourite local shops Aspire Style stocks Fever Designs so as soon as they get new the stuff in I’ll be heading off for a trying on session!

See anything you like here? What are you lusting over this A/W?

love & kisses
Mrs M x

Devil in a red dress…

I have been on the search for the perfect red dress for what feels like half my life. I’ve still not found it. I came pretty close to it with this dress from People Tree.

It’s pretty, it’s fitted on top, flared on the bottom like I wanted. It’s fair trade and organic and it’s also £75 which is a little over budget. Still if nothing else turns up, I may just buy it. 
Why do I want a red dress? Mainly because I have some pretty cute shoes that need a red dress to show them off at their best. Secondly, because red makes me feel fabulous. I feel so glamourous in a red dress, it’s a feel good colour! Well it is for me anyhow and so the quest for a gorgeous, flattering red dress continues.
You can always find pretty red dresses at Net-a-Porter but of a course for a pretty price and non are particularly practical!
DKNY £270

 Rachel Gilbert £740

Issa £620

Coast always has pretty dress but again neither of them are practical as I am really looking for everyday wear however I do adore that second Coast dress and I’m always in the market for an evening dress or two!
Coast £150
Coast £150

These two dresses from Oasis are a bit better for day wear, but neither of them are perfect.

Oasis £60

Oasis £50

And the search goes on.
Will I ever find one that is perfect for me? Yes I will! I refuse to be beaten but it may take some time. I’m incredibly fussy which doesn’t really help my plight, but one day I’ll find what I am looking for.  If you do see something I might like – let me know!
In the meantime, is there a colour that makes you feel fabulous? Are you even a dress person?
love & kisses

Mrs M x

Colour obsession – what’s yours?

I have developed an unhealthy obsessions with the colour coral, fueled by the many gorgeous items out there at the moment that are sporting this lovely hue.
I’m not normally a coral person but I’m drawn to it like a moth to a flame this Spring. I plan to be wearing a lot of it.  If you see a coral-coloured blob coming towards you there is a high chance it’s me.
The coral items in the shop at the moment seem to range from the peachy to the downright orange but in truth, I’m not being overly picky. I thought I’d share some of my coral wishlist with you, some of which is clearly in my dreams…
Tara Jarmon Sundress from John Lewis £175

Winnie T-Bar Espradrilles by Topshop £65
Proenza Schouler satchel from Net-a-Porter £1,215

Coral pleated dress from Miss Selfridge £45

Whistles Carrie pleated skirt at John Lewis £95

Piped patent wedge from New Look £19.99
Bow stripe jumper from New Look £14.99

Tights from Dorothy Perkins £5.00

Coral crochet pumps from Dorothy Perkins £18.00

Lots of coral goodness! I definitely won’t be splurging on the more expensive items but whilst it’s still cold enough to get away with tights, I might get some of those beauties from Dotty P’s. I’m a sucker for coloured tights.
Is there a colour your particularly loving right now? Do tell me!

love & kisses
Mrs M x

Virtual Shopping Autumn/Winter

I’ve spent a lot of time doing the old basket dance recently. I need some new clothes desperately and there are so many nice things out there. That’s part of the reason I am struggling with what to buy. The other reason is that I’m carrying a little more blubber than I’d like at the moment but I keep trying to tell myself, that’s no reason not to buy nice things. I think a shopping trip to the Bullring is in order very soon. In the meantime, things I keep looking at on the interweb….
My favourite shop, Fever. I just love all there dresses but I’m having a hard time buying anything as at the end of last season I managed to pick up most of what I wanted for half price. It’s a tough call as to whether I bite the bullet and buy what I want to wear so I have it for this winter or wait until the sale.

Fever A/W 2010

I haven’t shopped in Topshop for ages but there were two pairs of boots I really wanted. Sadly I’ve just discovered one is no longer on their website! That’s what you get for procrastinating. There was also an amazing leopard print coat on there that appears to have vamooshed?! Anyhow, this navy pom pom coat will certainly be mine.


Warehouse is not always somewhere I think of shopping but I think I need both of these. The dress would be perfect for parties and this jumper dress is the stuff of dreams, literally. I often imagine me cooking Christmas dinner in a sequined jumper so I think this fits the bill and might be a purchase?


In danger of being dreadfully unfashionable, I will admit to quite liking Avoca Anthology. I’ve never owned anything, mainly as the raincoat I loved was hideously expensive but they do have some lovely coats. Hard to find stockists in this country though.


Irregular Choice. Tell me. Where on earth would I wear this skirt? I don’t know either but it doesn’t stop me LOVING IT. Also these boots are so pretty!

I’m a big fan of Darling clothes and nearly peed myself when I saw this blue/green coat in a shop window. It comes in black too but I think this one is more striking. I can’t actually get it off my mind.


So how about you? Have you seen anything you like for this Autumn/Winter? I’m still looking for the perfect long red leather gloves a la Alice in New Moon (yep, total saddo, but I love them, she looks fab!) and some amazing black boots. What’s on your wishlist?

love & kisses
Mrs M x