Meal Planning Monday

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Welcome to the home of Meal Planning Monday!

I love to meal plan – I don’t think that’s any secret (you can read my post on the subject) I meal plan every week, planning ahead for the next 5-7 days. Meal planning isn’t for everyone and you have to try and remain somewhat flexible as well – best laid plans and all that, not everything goes to plan but for me, I find it helps me to organise myself better, try new things and most importantly save money on the groceries and cut food wastage.

In 2011 I started Meal Planning Monday as a way of uniting with other meal planners – I knew I wasn’t alone – and since then we’ve had people up and down the country sharing their own meal plans on my blog. Some of my Meal Planning Monday bloggers have been with me since the beginning, some only pop up occasionally and now and again we get lovely new people joining in with us.

If you’re interested in joining in with Meal Planning Monday then all you have to do is look out for the blog post that goes live every Monday morning and link up your own blog post using the Linkytools form that you will find at the bottom of the post. If you’re not a blogger, just leave a comment telling us what you’re eating that week!  There’s a whole post on tips and tricks for meal planning that you might like to read.

We have a newly formed Facebook group that anyone is more than welcome to join, regardless of whether they’re a blogger or not and you can find that HERE. We’ve also got a Pinterest board where some of the meal planners have started pinning their favourite recipes from their blogs. If you’re interested in getting involved, then get in touch! Our hashtag on Twitter is#mealplanningmonday (Tesco once tried to steal it but I sent them packing!) Use the hashtag and I’ll RT as much as I can.

If you’ve got any questions about Meal Planning Monday, do drop me a line.

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