How to make 2017 the best year of your life!


As you know, I am big into lists and planning and I’ve already shared my goals for 2017 – simple and realistic, you can read them here.

Today I wanted to go a step forward and show you the ten questions that I use to guide my thought process. These questions look back over the past year and then look ahead at the coming year and I really believe that sitting down and going through these methodically can help you set goals and focus yourself on what you want to achieve, whether this be something professionally or in your personal life.

I recommend writing these out – you could do a mind map or, if you are a BuJo fan even answer these in your bullet journal so you can look back and remind yourself throughout the year what it is you have set your sights on.

1. What did I accomplish in 2016?

2. What were my biggest disappointments during 2016?

3. What did I learn?

4. How do I limit myself, and how can I stop doing this?

5. What are my personal values?

6. What roles do I play in life?

7. Which role is my major focus for the next year?

8. What are my goals for each role?

9. What are my top ten goals for the next year?

10. How can I make sure I achieve my top ten goals?

You can then use these responses and build your answers into a personal plan for 2016 – hopefully making it the best year of your life! Or at the very least, go some way to working towards this eventual goal!

The marketer in me wants to remind you to make these goals SMART. That is they should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely – your goals should motivate you and to be do this they really do need to be attainable. No point setting a goal to grow wings when that ain’t ever going to happen, but setting a goal to write 1,000 words per day? Totally doable if you set your mind to it.

Once you have set your goals – consider them carefully and then commit! Plan the steps that you need to take to achieve these goals and cross them off as you work through each individual one.

Express goals positively and always write them down – I once read that statistically you are far more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down and that sounds like a good enough reason to put pen to paper.

Good luck in all your endeavours for 2017 – if you do set goals, let me know what they are and if you have any more questions about how to reflect on 2016 or how to set goals for 2017, I’m always happy to talk. Just leave me a comment or drop me an email!


2017 Goals


I’ve decided not to do a post looking back at the year that was 2016, mainly because on the whole it was a pretty unremarkable year. Not that I am complaining at all, stable is good, but I can’t say I feel like I massively achieved anything, they were no incredible highs or lows and nothing particular exciting happened.

It was a good year.

Saying that, I would like 2017 to have a bit more oomph but I really think that it is down to me find that oomph.  Life will change this year, my husband is starting a new job and my daughter will start secondary school. Both will have an impact on our daily lives.

I’ve decided this year not to make half-hearted resolutions but set some actual, tangible goals – more importantly, realistic goals. I’m never going to become a fitness addict after 37 years of lazing around so why pretend otherwise?

Without further ado, my goals for 2017.

Move More

I am so lazy, so very lazy. I hate exercise, always have but I am super unfit and as I approach 40 I am feeling it – and finding it harder to keep the weight off. I’ve already taken my first step on this goal and for me this will be a gradual build-up. I am taking a fitness class once a week (which is a big thing for me as I have a lot of anxiety around this) and also restarting the Couch25K programme. I tried this before and it was good but I didn’t put enough into it. My children have started wanting to take part in 5K races and I’d like to keep up with them.  Goal – At least 4 x 30-45 mins sessions per week.

Eat Less and/or Better

I need to eat better. I eat a lot of junk and I am a grazer. I also need to lose about two stone of weight this year and I would like to do this sensibly so don’t really want to crash diet but improve my diet over all to help make these changes. I’m not great at making sure I eat my fruit and veg quota so will try harder and hopefully this will also help me feel less lethargic. Goal – Lose two stone.

Read More

Always a goal but one I plan to achieve this year. I have about a million books on my Kindle, 2017 is the year I am going to make a dent in them! I’ve a real mix of books to get through and a massive yearning to read my favourite, Withering Heights, again. Goal – Read one book per week.

Learn Something New

I’m like a broken record on this one but I really do want to go learn something new. I have no idea yet what that new thing is but I will find it during 2017! Goal – Learn something new/gain a new skill.

And that is it.

Nothing groundbreaking but hopefully very achievable goals for the coming year and definitely something to focus my attentions on. I’d also like to get back into blogging more but I am not setting any goals there or making any promises as sometimes my life is just crazy busy or I just have no mental capacity left at the end of the working day! I will try harder though because I miss it when I don’t blog.

Are you making resolutions this year or setting goals? I’d love to hear about them.

Happy New Year everyone!


Welcome to 2016 with Mrs M!

at home with mrs m 2016

Wow. 2016 already?

Happy New Year!

In time-honoured tradition I thought that I really ought to start the year by writing about the resolutions I don’t intend to keep… Oh I’m only half-kidding, I’m sure I’ll at least give them a go in January but c’mon – resolutions are made for breaking!

Let’s just get in to them shall we? Here we go.

Lose weight – Yada, yada, YAWN. Yes I need to lose weight, maybe 2016 will be the year I actually do it? Who knows. I keep thinking about trying Slimming World or similar but think I will just attack it by eating less and moving more. Sounds like a simple enough strategy to me? Also going to try to exercise a bit more. I hate exercise but did start running a few years ago and didn’t hate that so will give some gentle jogging a go again. My daughter is keen to do a 5k (she’s 10) so I’ll have someone to spur me on!

Upskill myself – I’m already on the way with my marketing qualification but I know there are gaps in my knowledge that need to be filled if I want to take another step along my chosen career path so I am going to look for more courses (probably short ones) that I can to keep myself learning, and add to my CV!

Drink less – This one I am serious about. I need to cut down on the midweek drinking, which then might help me lose weight, ha. Those wine calories!

Read more – My reading has fallen WAY off. I am going to aim to read a book a week. No more, no less.  My Kindle is chocka with the gazillions of books I have downloaded over the years so there are no excuses!

Blog more – Blogging also fell way off last year and this made me sad. I am going to get back into blogging big time and make sure I give myself enough time each week to do it.

Say NO more – In blogging, in life, in general. I’m such a “yes” person and it’s dragging me down.

Check my boobs – I am rubbish at this, seriously. If I don’t stick to any other of my resolutions I am going to stick to this. After reading about other people finding lumps and bumps recently I realised that I RARELY do this and I need to start looking after myself.

There, they are my basic resolutions – nothing too taxing and in reality, with a bit of willpower and get-up-and-go they’re all really achievable so I don’t feel like I am setting myself up for too much of a fall!

If you’re a blogger, I know you’ll no doubt have written your own resolutions post, so leave me a message below and I’ll come check it out!

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